Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OH, BOY!! OH BOY!! Mail

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You A Cardboard Problem. Yes, I got mail from one of the very first blogs I began reading. I sent A Cardboard Problem all the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards I had and some Yankee chrome Xfactors and doubles I had and this is what I got in return. It was a perfectly tailored cello pack of goodness. All the cards are players I collect and I love every card A Cardboard Problem sent. They will be most cherished.

First up - Ryne Sandberg - Its my first Ryno since I started blogging and also my first All Time Fav I received.

I have seen this card on two blogs and wanted it both times. Guess what? I have it now :)

Next up - ICHIRO Cards

  • I can not stop looking at the SweetSpot Ichiro (Its like I am an addict, oh great, I now have a cardboard problem :)
  • I never knew Bowmans Best were so thick (I know - I don't get out much).
  • A Gold Timeline, NICE :) and another Timeline I didn't have SUPER NICE!.
  • The 07 Goudey is so cute being perfectly square (yeah, I used cute to describe a card. Please don't take my license to collect away) How about this - the composition is perfectly centered and with the square frame it makes for a simply attractive and solid card.
  • my first 09 X card of the year - Sweet

Next up - BJ UPTON :)

Another SweetSpot and its SWEEEET!! and two 08 I needed - NICE!! (Run, BJ, Run)

Next up Mr. Crawford.

  • A Bowman Chrome (I like the SHINY)
  • O Pee Chee Insert - I really like the style of this card, if all the cards were done this way I think I would have picked up more than one blaster.
  • 08 X - he looks confused (I don't think he knows where the ball is, Ssshhhh! don't tell anyone)
....and the final card - Drum roll please......

My first Ray Memorabilia Card
My first Awesome CC card
A Cardboard Problem

Friday, September 25, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week I went with another Chrome blaster from Target. I know, shocking right? Still hoping for McCutchen and some set help. Here's what I got:

Pack 1

A Ray and a set need with Shields, YEAH!
Golson Xfactor
Pack 2

WBC and no set help :(
Pack 3

another Ray and set help with Akinori and Buehrle Xfactor
Kawakami set help
Pack 4

another WBC and no set help

Pack 5

Martis Refractor and no set help :(

Pack 6

Another Ray and more set help with Pena (I see a trend)
Maine Refractor and Vazquez set help

Pack 7

Hamels Xfactor definitely the best card of the box
and already in JD Wild Cardz stack of phenoms

Pack 8

WBC with a scuff mark?

Well five cards towards my set and no McCutchen, a little disappointed but three Rays and a Hamels Xfactor makes the box okay. I just opened another box and loved it. Next week will definitely be something other than chrome, promise. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

MAIL DAY!! :) Make me HAPPY!!

23 more crossed off my chrome set need thanks to JD's Wild Cardz

Definitely love the Kemp since he is my favorite player on my keeper team and he just turned 25, yesterday. Who knew. I traded Votto and Bell for him three weeks into the season. I think I did well with that trade.

I love those little trophies and on the chrome they just pop,
the Utley is one of my favs of the batch.

The Tulo is an awesome action shot and Garret just stands out to me.

A great assortment of guys here, Thanks so much for helping me towards completion of my set JD's Wild Cardz.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Baseball Dad, I Think I Love You!"

I have always wanted to use that quote towards something baseball related. Score, I just did. And to an Indian fan none the less. If you don't know the quote, it was originally in Major League and originally went "Wild Thing, I think I love you". When I think Cleveland Indian baseball that is the first thing in my head. So its only natural to title my blog post in reference to a great baseball movie.

Baseball Dad if you don't know runs All Tribe Baseball blog and he had been receiving some pretty insane collection of Indians cards when I came across his blog. I had some insert Indians I wasn't particularly found of, so I thought he would appreciate more than I was. And I do believe he did, because his post on receiving my little package made me extremely happy. Check it out won't cha.

Then today, after the road trip from hell was over. I got a package from Baseball Dad. Once again he brightened up my day.

The entire top row, I needed for my player collections and was super jazzed about getting. On the bottom row the Kaz is so nice, it would have been favorite of the lot if he was still a Ray. Hopefully he can help the Angels take down the Yankees in the playoffs. That would be so nice. By the way, that would mean, the Sox take first back from the Yankees. So the Goudey Crawford wins the distinguished award of best in package.

The rest of the shipment was some added Rays. I really like the Akinori, but clumsy me slammed one of the corners pulling it off the scanner, oops. So thank you Baseball Dad for putting some sunshine on a day that was not going well. A stack of Indians has been building in your honor.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

2008 Topps Heritage Needs

I love this set and looked forward to it for two years when I first bought some heritage and realized the 1959 set was just two years from being released. The 59 Topps style is my favorite Topps design ever.

My needs list is a dozy, I need a lot, any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not concerned with a normal or black variant just so I get one of each card in the set. There is no difference to me that the back of the card has black ink instead of green ink. Right now I have my black backs mixed together and I am still missing a bunch. I'm trying for the whole set 1-720 so I do need SPs. Thanks chris OK



for helping me get closer
to a complete set

Ichiro Collection

Here is a picture list of all the Ichiro cards I have. Why pictures? I just like to see cards more than a list of words. If you have something not shown, please contact me so we can work something out, thanks.

On to the gallery:











Thank you for checking out my Ichiro Collection.

Ben Zobrist Collection

Here is a picture list of all the Ben Zobrist cards I have. Why pictures? I just like to see cards more than a list of words. If you have something not shown, please contact me so we can work something out, thanks.

On to the gallery:

Thank you for checking out my Ben Zobrist Collection

Credits/Checklist (haves)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mail Day from a Trade

Coming across EX-MT one day, I saw he had a BJ Upton I didn't have. So I offered him a Connor Jackson 2009 Topps Chrome Refractor for it. He and I made the trade and he even threw in something a little extra for the CoJack. Thanks EX-MT.

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding, this week I got up to Glens Falls and got to go to Omega Sports card store in the Aviation Mall. I have been there, three times now, and still have mixed feelings on the store. They have no recent packs, which I don't mind that too much, it just would be nice. He told me he was sick of the high end product and dealing with wives of customers who spent more than they could afford on cardboard. Which I agree with, but lets not get into that discussion, maybe in another post some day. Still it would be nice to have the option of picking up some reasonable priced packs, such as some hobby chrome, and it would have been nice to buy an extra pack or two to complete my budget. What I really like is how they have their cards arranged by team on shelves along the wall. The last time I went in his store for Rays cards, he had just been cleaned out by a customer, so I was a little out of luck that time. This time they had a small stack of Rays cards so I picked up some Crawford and Upton cards. I also picked up a couple Ichiros I needed. All for six bucks, I have no idea what the list price of the cards were, so I figured 9 cards 6 dollars - sounds good to me. Here's what I got.

Then to finish off my budget, I went to Walmart later in the week and picked up three chrome packs. They were really messy, so I figured they had been ripped clean of anything good. I still decided to try them hoping for cards to build my set.

Pack 1

WOW!!! was I WRONG on the someone searching the packs, my second Hanson auto and I got an Ichiro insert, Bruce also helped my set need and Damon Xfactor

Definitely an AWESOME pack and it's amazing, but pulling the Hanson in the first pack just let me completely enjoy the next two, I got to just enjoy opening for the joy of opening baseball cards. I didn't care about McCutchen or anything else. I was so dumbfounded over that pull. I just opened the next packs and enjoyed each card.
Note to self - allows try and just enjoy opening for the fun of opening baseball cards.

Pack 2

Johan Xfactor and Cain, Jakubauskas andMcDonald set help

Pack 3

WBC card, Konerko Xfactor and no set help

Very very good week in This Week in Cardboarding. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Woo Hoo!! Mail day

This from Dinged Corners, helping me complete my 2009 Topps Chrome set. Eleven more off my set needs. Thanks so much and I hope you liked what I sent with the Zito.

My favorite is the Teixeira card, the composition, just has that classic feel and it is just such a great action shot. And of course I am happy to get a Rays guy with the Sonnanstine. Thanks so much Dinged Corners.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week I went with another Chrome blaster hoping to complete more of my set. The only difference is I picked this one up from a Target.

Pack 1

Bonderman Xfactor and Fielder/Schafer help set build

Pack 2

Krod refractor and Joe Martinez set help

Pack 3

Yadier Refractor and Uggla set need

Pack 4
Publish Post

Zito Xfactor and Weaver set need (insane action shot)

Pack 5

Hudon set help and WBC for My Past Time... I Love It

Pack 6

WBC 41/50 Refractor and Jacoby set help
Pack 7

Posada Xfactor and no help for my set :(
Pack 8

Papelbon Refractor and no help for my set :(

Well only seven cards towards my set and no McCutchen, makes me even more disappointed than last week. At least last week, all the cards I got were towards my set and once again not a single Rays card. Man, New York blasters are way less friendly than the Texas ones. But on the bright side I just opened a box of baseball cards and loved it. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.