Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chrome Cardboarding

A christmas present that was shiny, just how shiny, lets see

Going in reverse order of how I opened the blaster, just for the fun of it

Pack 8
The purple shiny

Pack 7
Cole and Bundy fun
two promising young arms

Pack 6
Verlander Diecut - me likey

Pack 5
not a very good photo for Mr. Medlen
Mauer looking like the great hitter he is

Pack 4
Ozuna came up and was on fire
and tailed off just as the experts predicted
i hope he can get back into his hitting groove in 2014

Pack 3
 a ray, i think i saw a ray, i did 
xfractor - i miss getting 3 of these in a blaster
Barnes is now in Colorado
and i think he might bring some fantasy value this year 

Pack 2
a cup card, a wacha

Pack 1
opening the pack from the back
there was will myers name 
as a Rays fan, i was a very happy cardboard junkie
what a great start to the blaster
it made everything else gravy to me
hence why i did this post in reverse opening order

Thank you for checking out This Week in Cardboarding

Friday, January 17, 2014

My first Mock of 2014

Ahhh, January
Time to start prepping for fantasy baseball.

How i love the smell of hot dogs in winter.

wait... what

sorry, no idea where i was going with that.

I was lucky enough to draft with Lenny Melnick and a bunch of his listeners
Feel free to check it out

I really like my team, don't you hate that? Its so bitter sweet when you mock a team you want :)

                    Pick 1                                                 Pick 2 (great custom card)

 Lots of power in my first two picks

                       Pick 3                                                                Pick 4

I am not sure why but Scherzer put up Kershaw numbers and can be had much later
then grabbed some speed and my SS

                       Pick 5                                                                 Pick 6

Got more speed and picked up my other corner spot, i really like the balance so far

                            Pick 6                                                            Pick 7

gathering more speed at my 2b spot as well as my first closer

And since this is a mock draft, i'll just go ahead and show the rest of my roster and say I got four closers, and except Scherzer.  I took the rest of my starters really late.  Which would probably be a problem in a real league, but i am fan of pitch and ditch, so i am not overly concerned. After all that is the point of a mock draft, to try things. I love how late i got Kendry.

 Feel free to comment, i was really excited to be a part of Lenny Melnick's draft, so if you read this, thanks Lenny, i had a blast.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Alex takes over

Thanks for destroying the fun of the HOF talk
now its PED all the time
this is no fun

but PED is now part of the HOF talk


so here is my two cents
and what is beyond annoying to me
 the last few days
and i mean like fingernails on chalkboard, annoying

he didn't fail a test
REALLY are @%#%$^ kidding me!
and this goes for any player and not just arod

didn't lance say that and we all know how that turned out

i am so sick of hearing that phrase

isn't that the point of a Balco or Biogenesis
The MILLIONAIRES pay to not fail a test

i know right

they have millions they want to keep making millions

To anybody who says that phrase 
to all the news commentators
radio show hosts
your not doing your job

your the news
you make money reporting the news
do some investing
pay someone to investigate if you don't know how
that's what the arbitrator did
and he thought based on that and the evidence
arod is guilty
hence the awesome punishment
i think it should go a full season for first offense
and lifetime ban for the second

defending any player
with that response
is just not good enough
it pathetic, its lazy
(please don't give the in a court of law thing)
i don't want them in jail
this is public opinion
so yes you have to show me proof of innocence
before i believe you magically did 
what was never done before
what no scout saw coming
what a hundred years of baseball has showed us

that phrase is like in the 90's when someone would ask 
an athlete if they did steroids
and their response was "I work hard"
really doesn't everyone at the level work hard
but that was the PR statement
and the news just said okay and went on their merry way
and now there is a huge MESS

my favorite part
of the 60 minutes clip i saw
was Bosch talking about how to correctly pee in a cup
  to effect the test
 get as little of the outside of the stream of urine in the cup
 and to do it mid-stream
start peeing and bring the cup to the stream

that's just amazing

I think its time Alex to say goodbye

Learn what integrity is and just take your punishment like a man
then retire
i know it may be hard since your whole life was probably
doing the opposite of what integrity is
but try it, it might feel good

and i can't believe i am about to say this but
do the yankees a favor and step down
let them off the hook for the 60 million
you obvious are not owed
since you are not legit 
after all that is the real reason this show is continuing
the right thing is never the easy thing

and feel free to 
take down every player you know did steroids

Thanks for letting me vent :) Its nice having a voice, however small.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mega Update

he he..  
I couldn't resist the play on words
Mega Update Blaster box and the fact that i haven't posted cards in so long.

i saw one of these busted quite a while ago on someones blog and made a mental note
on how AWESOME it seemed
so when the wife and i were out and about Xmas shopping
i threw one of these bad boys in the cart

The Update Packs,
Pack 1
Junior Lake, sweet, i picked him up last season in fantasy when he got called up
and man is a beast physically, hopeful a full season in 2014 will be his year to shine

Pack 2
Ryu mini - i really like
Pack 3
Yu and Nolan, nice Ranger card
Mr. Kazmir is back, had a really nice season for the Tribe
and got his payday, i hope he brings his quality stuff to Oakland
Pack 4
Trout insert - fun

Pack 5
Gerrit Cole Debut card, I like this concept, but...
Does anyone know if the photo is also from that day???
that would solidify this as TRUE Rookie card in every sense then
and something i would actually want, covet and desire of players

The Chrome Update Packs
Pack 5
Puig, score - me HAPPY
a pair of Cardinal pitchers
one a HOF one definitely on the path 

Pack 6
Myers, my first of the sweet hitting Rays rookie
this box was a fun time

Great fun with my first Mega Box
Thanks for checking out my November in Cardboarding

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What a fun day in baseball!!

Congratulations to three amazing players

Thank you baseball for thoroughly entertaining me for the past couple of days, I am still not even close to being tired of all the talk about how good of players they are.  All the talk about players who didn't make it. And all the fun stories about players come out this time of year.  I am just giddy. 

On to the almost in:

Biggio two votes away - TWO VOTES!!! Oh my Gosh!!! More than likely next year will be the year.  
5th all time in doubles, 3,060 hits, 291 Homers, 414 Steals as a 2nd baseman, Catcher and Center Fielder.
Good Luck in 2015 Biggio, I'll be rooting for you.  

*a fun stat of Biggio's
82 million dollars!!!!


I so should have played baseball instead of soccer

i can just kick myself

get it


ha ha

i just told a joke 


actually i just wanted to make the screen go further down 
so you would have to scroll to get to the next player

On to the disappointments:

I am most disappointed by Mr. Jack Morris not getting in.

I really think the writers got this wrong

My first big league game in Boston at Fenway park, guess who was pitching?

It was a great day, I fell in love with Fenway and Boston, even though my most vivid memories are of Puckett in batting practice, crushing balls over the Green Monster and to deep center and Morris dominating the Sox even if the box score (stats) don't show it - he was AWESOME!!

I really hope the veterans committee can rectify the writers error.  Mr. Morris your HOFer to me, and I am sure you will be an official one soon.

Thanks for reading my HOF post, I really hope to start blogging again.