Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Topps Chrome

favs minus Longoria

The last couple of weeks I have been goo goo for the shiny chrome and man did they ever step up to the plate and smack a homer for me. I got three blasters and two packs from Wally World when on vacation in TX visiting the in laws. Scoring my first true awesome hit. A Tommy Hanson Auto.


Since its been a little while, I'm not sure exactly how all the cards played out by box, but I wanted to get my first post up.

Box one nothing to exciting but I did get Longoria and Rasmus. The next day, I then tried two packs and scored a Beckham and Pujols in one pack (sweet, I now have all I really wanted Beckham and Longoria) and I have no idea who was in the second.

Box two was a prize from the parentals since they love to shop and I just wasn't in the mood for any more clothes. That got me the Hanson auto and I was super excited because I never scored an awesome hit before. My only other auto was Mark Ellis in a Stadium blaster.

Box three - A few days later Dad was picking up beer for the boys, I don't drink, so I think he thought it a good idea to asked if I wanted another box. It was. I got the blue Saunders, Porcello, another Rasmus, and Holland and Mauer Xfactor

refractors/bottom 2 xfactors

Everything but Beckham is trade bait, I even got a bunch of WBC cards. Which are now going to My Past Time……. I Love It!! because he is trying to complete the WBC, so help him if you can.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Welcome! Hi, my name is Chris and thanks for checking out my blog. I'm an artist and not a writer. So I apologize, way in advance, for my writing being sub par. Recently, I have really started collecting again on the premise that if I budget myself to twenty dollars a week I can enjoy my hobby and not get too overburdened by the amount of things out there or the cost.

My history on collecting is pretty typical, since I started in the hey day of collecting, the 80s. In fourth grade I discovered the awesomeness of collecting through some friends and was a pretty avid collector up to my sophomore year in high school. After high school, I joined the Navy for four years and then went through college. Even met an incredible girl and got married. When I would venture back home, I would drop by the local card store, and buy one or two things. That was until my Mom moved away from my hometown, which left me without my favorite little shop. I completely stopped collecting until 2001 when Ichiro came on the scene. At that point I tried to get back into collecting, but it was just too overwhelming- all the variants and cards a year plus retail and hobby being different. So I just figured a box or two a year from Target or Wal-Mart would have to do.

My new theory on collecting seems to be going well (for the last few months), and when I came across Wax Heaven 's blog trying to find some information online I was hooked on the blog community. From there I became a regular at A Cardboard Problem and Cardboard Junkie among many others. Now I hope to make some trades and friends from my hobby of collecting baseball cards.