Friday, October 30, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week I split up the budget and got some Longoria cards and a Topps Stadium blaster that was half off at Target. The Longoria cards aren't in hand yet, so I had to use the photos from ebay. The total was a few dollars short of my budget but I am sure some supplies will be needed to make up the difference. Here are the Longoria cards I purchased:

The middle card was the main reason I did this - its an insert and a vintage style of card I really like. I know its a hockey design, but its a design I like. The other two cards were a dollar add on from the seller with a quarter extra for shipping so i just added them on since I needed them for my player collection

2008 Stadium is a favorite of mine even though there are many critics of the product, but then again I only spend twenty dollars a week, and the main thing that is repeated about the product is it isn't worth what they pay. As for blasters go, twenty dollars is the standard and to get it half off makes it a super steal to me. The first blaster of Stadium I picked up was probably back in March (i think) and I fell in love with these cards. I scored a Mark Ellis auto and some other nice cards. Then as weeks went I by I acquired two more Stadium blasters and recieved triples of about a dozen cards and doubles of about twenty. So that soured me on the Stadium experience even though I loved the photography and was still with out the Longoria cards I wanted. Well thanks to clearance prices I decided to dip in the Stadium blaster pool again and truth be told I am very happy I did. Here is what I got:

Pack 1

WOW!! a photographer's proof number 28/50 - Nice :)
Delmon sliding and Luke who is starting to pitch to the hype of last year
very nice start

Pack 2

The Sheffield is awesome, I love this photo
Johan is also nice photo

Pack 3

Votto great photo
Crawford - YEAH! - a Ray and a card for my PC and an awesome photo
Hanley action shot of him playing the field - did I mention I love these cards
and I scored an Auto
WOW!!! what a pack :)

Pack 4

Clemente another great photo
DiceK for my PC
happy feelings continue :)

Pack 5

Markakis, Kuroda, Miggy, and Uggla
nice pack of players :)

Pack 6

another nice collection of players :)

Pack 7

two Sox guys :) a few doubles :(

Pack 8

BJ!! what a great photo
Happy! Happy!! Joy! Joy!!

I am very happy with the blaster - I got a great mix of players and a bunch of cards I didn't already have. The two Rays cards are great and the proof card was a happy surprise (I figured they were a hobby exclusive, happy to be wrong). Of course the auto I will have to wait for but I don't mind. Some of these photos are just amazing. Definitely a fun blaster. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. Sorry this is the later than I usually post but I wasn't exactly sure what to buy or what go with. I wasn't procrastinating, I was not sure what to buy. I had two Longoria auctions pending and wasn't sure if I would have the budget for packs or not. Well both went for more than I wanted to spend, so while at Target today I picked up ten packs of 2009 Topps Update. I apologize for the photos and not typical scans. I mainly wanted to try it to see how it would look and see how much faster it was. Not to mention these packs had 12 cards so scanning one pack would have taken two scans. So I apologize for breaking my normal format, hope you still enjoy. On to the breaks, here is what I got:

Pack 1

Tris Speaker insert - Nice :)
Pujols and Cliff Lee I also like the action shots

Pack 2

Two Nolans :) the insert is sweet
nice pack with Randy Johnson, Hamilton, Braun, and Kinsler

Pack 3

not too much in this one
Alexi and Felix are the hilights
Pudge on the Astros? Shouldn't it be the Rangers

Pack 4

The pack of the batch for me
Beckham Turkey - me Super HAPPY :)
Feliz and LaPorta thrown in
even a Paplebon and Pena

Pack 5

Porcello Turkey and Ichiro card
happy feelings continue :)

Pack 6

a nice insert and some great action shots - enjoyable pack

Pack 7

Great photo of Ozzie on an insert and its Gold
doubles, really topps

Pack 8

Pujols propaganda card - I love these
I saw all of them online already and really want the Longoria but I may try and get the set
depending if I buy enough packs to have more than three or four

Pack 9

Reggie :) and its Gold
Pedro on the Phillies

Pack 10

Carlton insert - great photo and on St Louis
more doubles - bad topps :(

Well over all, the pictures were way faster but I am unhappy that most are blurry, I sincerely apologize for that. I will definitely spend the time on scanning because I definitely like how much better scanning looks. Live and Learn. Very happy with my packs overall, the Beckham is definitely my favorite and the Pujols is my second fav but that is more for the style of card. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tribute to Poor Old Baseball Cards

I came across Poor Old Baseball Cards (POBC) one day while surfing peoples blog rolls and I was enamored with this blog. I literally read every post from the latest one about Babe Ruth to the very first post about the Mick. 130 posts and I probably left about ten comments as I made my way through all them. Its been over a month since he posted the Babe he got, so I wanted to show a little love to a blog that really captivated me. Today is that day, today is the day I show off some of my Poor Old Baseball Cards.

I can't remember how I got all these or where, but I definitely know I have had them since I first started collected. So around 1985-86ish I acquired these babies and they are all over twenty years old and I have had them for over twenty years. I am fairly certain the 70's cards are from grab bags since they were never players I intentional collected. The 80's cards are just cards I got and actually looked at and read and showed off to friends.

  • First Up - Gary Carter 1979 - Creases all over - I always like Gary Carter and enjoyed watching him play when I got to see him on the television - This card lets you know he was named Rookie of the Year in 1975 by The Sporting News
  • Next two McCovey cards both very abused - the 77 has a small stain under the O of McCovey and it looks like a staple or hook got a piece of the card. The 1980 card informs you that he won NL MVP in 1969 - he batted .320 with 45HRs 126RBIs - Nice Year
  • Mattingly in 85 and 86 was easily the most sought after player and it shows by the fraying edges of this card

  • Nolan Ryan 1983 is creased very badly - I actually think this card fell behind bed and I found it a few years later
  • Sandberg 83 not to bad compared to the rest of this lot, just an ink stain and some corner wearing
  • Boggs got splashed by some coffee. (Ah, who am I kidding, a lot of coffe)
  • Sandberg 84 got the crease treatment
I also wanted to show the backs

  • Most of the backs look good, except the Boggs, it really shows off the coffee
Thanks for checking out my little tribute, I hope you enjoyed. This Week in Cardboarding will probably be up tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Massive Mail

Balk Four was the very first to welcome me to the Bloggerland. Offering to send some cards of what I collect at a time I only had two posts. Well two months and 30 posts later, I received a giant yellow envelope. He definitely sent a plethora of cards. A very fun time going through the cards. Here is what he sent:

First up, some additions to my player collections -Upton and Crawford
  • Hello Mr. Upton - 5 Grrreeeaaaaaat! BJ Upton cards
  • My fav is Topps Heritage card - A great vintage pose on a vintage card
  • The Upperdeck Reflections card is numbered to 99 - Very Nice and shiny
  • The Donruss Elite another shiny and actually talks about BJ's first hit - Very Cool - since I was there - A card I will cherish - Thank you, Thank you!!

  • Carl's turn - My fav being the Fleer Ultra - I'm going to say he is celebrating a homer but I could easily be wrong
  • the UD MVP has him standing straight - obviously getting some signs
  • and a Donruss Zenith having watch a foul ball - I imagine - all very nice additions
Next up - The Ichiros
  • My favorite Ichiro is the upper right - great photo and vintage design - Love it :)
  • The ticket stub is very cool - at first I thought it was a ticket stub and thought cool but when I unfolded it - I realized it was a 03 Fleer card - me like! - Thank you, Thank you!!

  • The Victory is cut like a playing card - very fun card
  • The Bazookas are very cool - one him running and the other photo looks like he is an infielder - the red is super thick - Thanks for whole collection of variants
  • My First National Trading Card Day card - Thanks
  • The Donruss Champions really waste space
  • the Topps Gallery - in the classic Ichiro I'm getting ready for another hit
  • and last but not least, another shiny with the UD Reflections
All great additions to my Ichiro Collection

50 Rays cards - here are my favs

  • Longoria Bowman Rookie - definitely the card of the shipment for me!! :)
  • Abernathy looking like a freshman in high school but I love this style of card
  • Tino Martinez as a Ray - WOW! its amazing how a card can spark a memory - seeing this card brings me back to the Red Sox/Ray game I saw at the Trop and Tino crushed a homer - Thanks, this card it will be cherished
  • I can't make up my mind on collecting Mr Boggs but I definitely like the Rays cards of him, there was just that whole Yankee phase
  • Rocco on a very sweet card and a great swinging shot

Rickey Cards - my first from blogging and i believe all but one were needed - Thank You!

20Red Sox Cards - the favs

  • I really like the Fleer Ultra - its very interesting and unique design - I love the one rounded corner
  • Okajima Bowman Chrome, great shot of him pitching
So a great collection of cards and I definitely had a blast going through the whole shipment. Much thanks and I will definitely be sending out a return package once I pull a few more cards for you. Just wasn't expecting so much.

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
Balk Four

Friday, October 16, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week I will be finishing off the 2008 Heritage hobby box. This week I will be on the far right side going top to bottom. Here is what I got:

Pack 17

Lincecum looks so young in this photo - like freshman in high school young
stetter, pedro, bailey, salty set need
and a fidel castro card, oh joy (sarcasm)

Pack 18

i really like the all star cards and it really goes with the phillies uni
teahan, aurilla, hamels, howard set need

Pack 19

crosby, krod, nats, combo set need

Pack 20

pat the bat, logan, alou, owens set help
arod new age performers

Pack 21

owings and matsui set need
nice pack with cain, pence and buchholz

Pack 22

capuano and valverde set help
what happen to capuano? he won 18 games two years ago (really helped me in fantasy)
now and then insert
and BJ's bro - who had his break out season at 22 years old, WOW! .300 26HR 20SB
just remember BJ at 23 had .300 24HR 22SB

Pack 23

miller and wilson set help
joba chrome
its so wrong if grienke doesn't win the cy young award

Pack 24

willingham, lopez, overbay set help

Over all I am happy with my hobby box. I wish the auto was of someone I could get behind on some aspect, but I got a good chunk of set help and had fun opening twenty four packs. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

Wicked is my HERO

This week has super sucked. The only bright spot was Tuesday when I checked the mail and there was three yellow envelopes. Two were trades and expected sort of, Carl Crawford Cards sent some nice little extras along with the agreed upon trade. Well Wicked from My Past Time....... I Love It!! sent me a very unexpected treat. He sent an amazing package full of additions to my player collections.

First Up, the Ichiros

  • The Big Ticket card is a very well composed card and I really liked it when Wicked posted it
  • My first numbered Ichiro and its less than 100, WOW!! Thanks so much :)
  • The third card really confused me at first but then I realized it was folded inside the penny saver, so out it went and unfolded it got, and here is what I saw:
  • Very cool, its like its in widescreen, Thank You, Thank You!!

Next Up, the Crawford, Longoria and Zobrist cards

  • Another SweetSpot and its Sweeeeeeeeet! I really like these cards, to bad they are out of my budget
  • The Masterpiece is a great shot of him sliding home, and in the old Devil Ray uniform :)
  • Both Longoria cards are welcomed
  • And the Ben Zobrist addition, Eureka, Hope he keeps up the good work - random factoid: he tied Texiera for 3rd in AL OPS

And last but not least, even though I keep hearing he is on the clubs bad list, the DiceK cards. These are also my first DiceKs from Blogging :)

  • I like the big ticket cards and how they come out of the frame, a nice little touch
  • The Allen & Ginter cards are fabu
  • The X and the die cut X very nice
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
I will be sending some cards out to you tomorrow
My Past Time....... I Love It!!

DiceK Collection

Here is a picture list of all the Daisuke Matsuzaka (DiceK) cards I have. Why pictures? I just like to see cards more than a list of words. If you have something not shown, please contact me so we can work something out, thanks.

On to the gallery:

Thank you for checking out my Daisuke Matsuzaka Collection

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trades with Shot not Taken and Carl Crawford Cards

First Up - Shot Not Taken had a pack of Goodwin he posted from checking out the product. He got a BJ Upton mini so I made a comment asking if he would trade it and along the way he decided to include a Longoria Die Cut I needed. Much thanks definitely two sweet cards.

Next trade was with Carl Crawford Cards where he was trying to get rid of his CC doubles for new CC cards. Since we collect the same guy, this caused for some good communication and a proposal that caused great contemplation. I only had one available CC but had a Fergie and McGriff he needed, feel free to see his side here. So the deal was 3 for 3 but he had to go and send a bunch more. So I will have to find some cards to send his way :) Always a fun chore :) Thanks so much Carl Crawford Cards!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week I will be continuing with the 2008 Heritage hobby box. This week I will be going down the middle row of packs, top to bottom. Here is what I got:


wandy, galarraga, wiggington set help
matthews insert

Pack 10

hunter, pena jones, garza set help
insert - i am not a fan of non baseball inserts in baseball products

Pack 11

giants and gordon set help

Pack 12

kemp chrome
braun, combo, rowand set help

Pack 13

combo, hudson, carpenter, white sox set help

Pack 14

ichiro - yeah! now i have one for my pc and set
fuld, mora, sanchez, gagne set help

Pack 15

mike baxes auto - i dont get this, he only played two mlb seasons, why is he a hit card
morneau, marquis, drew, jennings set help

Pack 16

kendrick, lucy, gutierrez, banks set help

Well eight more packs down and some much needed set help. A really weak hit card if you can call it that. No offense meant toward Mr. Baxes, he got to play in the majors. Which is more than I have ever done in baseball. I looked him up and he didn't do anything worthy of including him in product 50 years after he played. Maybe I missed something but I didn't find anything on him that made me say wow I learned something or that was neat or I'm glad I got this card. If I'm wrong on Mr. Baxes, please let me know.

Also included in hobby boxes are panels - another thing I don't understand.
The Panel

Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.