Sunday, October 4, 2009


I love free stuff. The parentals (wife's parents) are in town and decided to buy me some baseball cards. Yeah!! Free baseball cards. We were at the local Walmart, so I had my choice between an O-Pee-Chee, Chrome, or Goodwin blaster. Football has definitely taken over the card section. I went with a chrome blaster still hoping for elusive McCutchen. Here is what I got.

Pack 1

Maine Refractor

Pack 2

Mantle Xfactor - Nice

Pack 3

Pack 4

Arod set Need and Lee Xfactor

Pack 5

Nathan set help and WBC

Pack 6

WBC of someone I actually know

Pack 7

Uehara X factor

Pack 8

DeJesus Refractor

Only two cards toward my set, unless I start counting Xfactors then Mantle an Uehara would also count. Which I may do if I start getting despearate. Another blaster with no McCutchen :( but a free box is a free box :) Another enjoyable blaster experience and Mantle was definitely the card of the box.


JD's Daddy said...

I find it a little squirly that xfractors are exclusive to blasters, but if you are going to get a cool fractor, thats a great card for it! Sorry no mccutchen, but it looks like you snagged just about every other rookie!

Anonymous said...

Man, I remember when refractors were 1 or 2 per box, not per pack!

chris OK said...

JD's - I find squirly that any card can't be pulled in any pack. I hate the exclusive thing. Money is money. My twenty is the same twenty if spent in a hobby store or at a retailer on a blaster. That said, my new theory is you can start to expect the Walmarts and Targets getting the better exclusive deals. Since there are more of them now and they have better hours. Companies like money and big box stores make lots of it.

90's - Welcome, nice of you to check out my blog. WOW! That is a shame, one or two a box. Glad I wasn't collecting then. I really like how they do it now, especially the blasters. Twenty dollars 8 refractors/WBC inserts. Very enjoyable box even though I am not a fan of the WBC cards.

I remember the one or two blasters I got last year and I loved them, but the stores just didn't have them that long. I loved the Xfactors and the shiny. That's why I made it a point this year to pick up more than two blasters this year.

nico Critelli said...

I totally hope you're right about some better odds workin their way into blasters! I feel bad for hobby shops but there are so few of them and heading down to the local walmart is soo much easier. I do love the Topps Chrome basters: hardy cards for a good deal and some nice effects.
That Mickey Mantle XFractor is Sweeet, I'm a sucker for his cards in new sets.
Now all Topps need to make this set great is Upper Deck's photography and printing.