Friday, October 30, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week I split up the budget and got some Longoria cards and a Topps Stadium blaster that was half off at Target. The Longoria cards aren't in hand yet, so I had to use the photos from ebay. The total was a few dollars short of my budget but I am sure some supplies will be needed to make up the difference. Here are the Longoria cards I purchased:

The middle card was the main reason I did this - its an insert and a vintage style of card I really like. I know its a hockey design, but its a design I like. The other two cards were a dollar add on from the seller with a quarter extra for shipping so i just added them on since I needed them for my player collection

2008 Stadium is a favorite of mine even though there are many critics of the product, but then again I only spend twenty dollars a week, and the main thing that is repeated about the product is it isn't worth what they pay. As for blasters go, twenty dollars is the standard and to get it half off makes it a super steal to me. The first blaster of Stadium I picked up was probably back in March (i think) and I fell in love with these cards. I scored a Mark Ellis auto and some other nice cards. Then as weeks went I by I acquired two more Stadium blasters and recieved triples of about a dozen cards and doubles of about twenty. So that soured me on the Stadium experience even though I loved the photography and was still with out the Longoria cards I wanted. Well thanks to clearance prices I decided to dip in the Stadium blaster pool again and truth be told I am very happy I did. Here is what I got:

Pack 1

WOW!! a photographer's proof number 28/50 - Nice :)
Delmon sliding and Luke who is starting to pitch to the hype of last year
very nice start

Pack 2

The Sheffield is awesome, I love this photo
Johan is also nice photo

Pack 3

Votto great photo
Crawford - YEAH! - a Ray and a card for my PC and an awesome photo
Hanley action shot of him playing the field - did I mention I love these cards
and I scored an Auto
WOW!!! what a pack :)

Pack 4

Clemente another great photo
DiceK for my PC
happy feelings continue :)

Pack 5

Markakis, Kuroda, Miggy, and Uggla
nice pack of players :)

Pack 6

another nice collection of players :)

Pack 7

two Sox guys :) a few doubles :(

Pack 8

BJ!! what a great photo
Happy! Happy!! Joy! Joy!!

I am very happy with the blaster - I got a great mix of players and a bunch of cards I didn't already have. The two Rays cards are great and the proof card was a happy surprise (I figured they were a hobby exclusive, happy to be wrong). Of course the auto I will have to wait for but I don't mind. Some of these photos are just amazing. Definitely a fun blaster. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.


Drew said...

Hey I need the Cano card you pulled pretty badly, let me know about it, send me an email to Thanks!

hungeryjack said...

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NicoLax24 said...

I like the photography too, but honestly there is no reason not to have photography this good on all cards. Every pro photographer should have the capable equipment and once you take a great photo it's pretty hard to screw up the printing bad enough to produce half of the crap that the topps base set turns out. Look at upper deck for instance, their base set has always had quality photography and printing for not much more cost than the topps cards (not to mention that the card stock of their base set is better too).

NicoLax24 said...

Love the Clemente card. I have the Nolan Ryan, the Jackie Robinson, and the Honus Wagner cards from the "all time greats" portion of the checklist, the were a good idea