Thursday, April 25, 2013

Converted Yankee Hater?

Maybe...I just don't know, I'm so confused.

One of my most favorite players is a Yankee.  (i know it happens sometimes)

So while reading, there was a post on a 08 UD X pack and i came across this little blurb, "while I understand Yankees hate"  and it made me think...

I seem to bash the Yankees when i get the chance, but am i a Yankee hater??

I always thought while growing up in FL, that if i every moved to NY, i would become an instant Yankee fan.  There was no MLB teams in FL at the time.  Only when i did finally get up to NY , i couldn't, it wasn't fun, I just couldn't root for them, they were suppose to win.  Maybe because Tampa had a team i liked and I have gone to games at the Trop and i was a Devil Ray/Rays fan by then.  I just couldn't throw the switch to like them. So it wasn't hate as much as was just rooting against who was suppose to win.

But this season , i dont feel any ill regards toward them.  I actually like most of their players, Ichiro, Hafner, Wells, Overbay, Youk, all players i have been a fan of since i started playing fantasy baseball in 07.  Not a player collector type of fan but players i always liked to get on my fantasy teams.  I also liked Tex on the Rangers, Granderson on the Tigers and CC on the Indians, so strange do i like the yankees now??

The main thing i had against them is that they are suppose to win.  They spend the most every year and therefore are suppose to win it.  I just couldnt root for them and liking the Rays and Sox just makes me, not a Yankee fan.

but now the Dodgers are spending more money and have more to spend

so now the Yanks arent suppose to win and i like alot of the players

am i a yankee fan now?



nope, but i think i can say, this season i won't root against them like have in the past.  Especially since i have Ichiro, Wells, and Hafner on fantasy teams.

so now being in Texas, i like the Rangers got hats and T-shirts, can't wait to get to a game in Arlington

but for now my heart still belongs to the Rays, that may change in a few years if i'm still here in Texas but who knows what the future holds. I may end up back in NY or back to FL, or who know the wife and i always wanted to live in California
So, Here are the 2013 Rays (i so love's fantasy preview each year)

so wish these were cardboard

thanks for reading my little ramble

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello Heritage

WOW! How did  two weeks flew by.  Being a big fan of heritage I was excited to pick up a blaster to check it out!

Here it is:
Pack 1

Pack 2

Pack 3

Pack 4

Pack 5

Pack 6

Pack 7

Pack 8

.... Golly

..... Mmmmmm

Heritage, I am not a fan this year, you are one ugly set and you  feel really weirdly slippery.  Which is bizarre because I like the set design, but the photos, the photos are just so....., so... BLAH!.  I know i usually write a few comments on each pack but i am trying to be a better person and if you don't anything nice to say, the saying goes you just don't say anything at all.  Well i better zip my lip.  On the positive, the Trout MM is a nice card and i don't mind the Leaders cards or dual rookie cards.  Hope enjoyed my blaster, unfortunately i did not. 

Thanks for checking out This week in Cardboarding!! 
Hope you have a great week in life and cardboarding :)
Til the next time the wrappers open

Saturday, April 6, 2013

i struck GOLD

Here are the last four packs of my Easter Blaster

 Pack 7
 Future Stars, oh the memories
87 bj surhoff, rafael palmerio, bo jackson
good times
Love the Yu, especially since i'm in Rangerland
gold Hamels :)

Pack 8
 another Yu
gold shiny, this is alot of gold
boggs, not in a yankee uni, i like 
Harvey RC 
another pitcher i hope has a killer year for my fantasy teams

Pack 9
 nine cards!
thanks Topps, and another Gold, sweet
and my first Bryce Harper
Pack 10
yep another pack with nine cards
my third Yu
another mini
and another Gold card
Topps, is something is a little fishey with this blaster
not that i am complaining
but lets check

odds listed on box
 1:3 series 1 or 2 golds (interesting)
update gold 1:6
3 update gold (yeah, bet the odds) and
 2 series1 and 1 series2 = 6 gold, 2 extra cards,
2 shiney gold, and 3 mini
i am very happy with this blaster
i shall name you my Golden Blaster

Thank you for checking out This Week in Cardboarding, hope you have a stellar week. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Blaster Continued

here comes the regular packs

Pack 3
i thought i saw a Ray, i did, i did
man the insane season Rodney had, never thought
so happy he was a Ray
got a mini, a gold, and a RC
nice pack

Pack 4
my first Trout
a gold shiny 
Damon waving bye, he's so sweet
mrYankee who may have card very soon like that

 Pack 5
another gold??

i am at 3 in five packs

Pack 6
another give away card
maybe a future post in the future

please stay tune for the exciting conclusion of TWIC

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hello Hello Hello

A little Easter money = Blaster
Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding!

Picked it up at Wally for some blue cards
Pack 1
 three RCs and a gold, nice
i got Teheran in both my fantasy teams, fingers crossed
not a fan of the blockbuster card
Pack 2
  mrGomes posing, love it, hope he rakes this year for the sox
i actually got mrGomes in my first pack too (sliding under izturis)
nice mrBench
i already miss Hamilton in a ranger uni
Special Pack
AWESOME! Very happy with this patch card :)
i looked at the checklist and by far 
mrRyan is the first card i would want
followed by Rickey and Ichiro

TWIC to be continued....