Thursday, April 25, 2013

Converted Yankee Hater?

Maybe...I just don't know, I'm so confused.

One of my most favorite players is a Yankee.  (i know it happens sometimes)

So while reading, there was a post on a 08 UD X pack and i came across this little blurb, "while I understand Yankees hate"  and it made me think...

I seem to bash the Yankees when i get the chance, but am i a Yankee hater??

I always thought while growing up in FL, that if i every moved to NY, i would become an instant Yankee fan.  There was no MLB teams in FL at the time.  Only when i did finally get up to NY , i couldn't, it wasn't fun, I just couldn't root for them, they were suppose to win.  Maybe because Tampa had a team i liked and I have gone to games at the Trop and i was a Devil Ray/Rays fan by then.  I just couldn't throw the switch to like them. So it wasn't hate as much as was just rooting against who was suppose to win.

But this season , i dont feel any ill regards toward them.  I actually like most of their players, Ichiro, Hafner, Wells, Overbay, Youk, all players i have been a fan of since i started playing fantasy baseball in 07.  Not a player collector type of fan but players i always liked to get on my fantasy teams.  I also liked Tex on the Rangers, Granderson on the Tigers and CC on the Indians, so strange do i like the yankees now??

The main thing i had against them is that they are suppose to win.  They spend the most every year and therefore are suppose to win it.  I just couldnt root for them and liking the Rays and Sox just makes me, not a Yankee fan.

but now the Dodgers are spending more money and have more to spend

so now the Yanks arent suppose to win and i like alot of the players

am i a yankee fan now?



nope, but i think i can say, this season i won't root against them like have in the past.  Especially since i have Ichiro, Wells, and Hafner on fantasy teams.

so now being in Texas, i like the Rangers got hats and T-shirts, can't wait to get to a game in Arlington

but for now my heart still belongs to the Rays, that may change in a few years if i'm still here in Texas but who knows what the future holds. I may end up back in NY or back to FL, or who know the wife and i always wanted to live in California
So, Here are the 2013 Rays (i so love's fantasy preview each year)

so wish these were cardboard

thanks for reading my little ramble

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Fuji said...

You scared me for a second... almost thought you were going to say you turned into a Yankee fan. I was a Yankee hater for many years, but now I choose to use the word dislike, instead of hate.

I will never root for the Yankees... but that doesn't mean I don't admire the careers of certain players who played their entire careers in pinstripes: Gehrig, DiMaggio, Jeter, Posada, and Rivera.