Saturday, April 6, 2013

i struck GOLD

Here are the last four packs of my Easter Blaster

 Pack 7
 Future Stars, oh the memories
87 bj surhoff, rafael palmerio, bo jackson
good times
Love the Yu, especially since i'm in Rangerland
gold Hamels :)

Pack 8
 another Yu
gold shiny, this is alot of gold
boggs, not in a yankee uni, i like 
Harvey RC 
another pitcher i hope has a killer year for my fantasy teams

Pack 9
 nine cards!
thanks Topps, and another Gold, sweet
and my first Bryce Harper
Pack 10
yep another pack with nine cards
my third Yu
another mini
and another Gold card
Topps, is something is a little fishey with this blaster
not that i am complaining
but lets check

odds listed on box
 1:3 series 1 or 2 golds (interesting)
update gold 1:6
3 update gold (yeah, bet the odds) and
 2 series1 and 1 series2 = 6 gold, 2 extra cards,
2 shiney gold, and 3 mini
i am very happy with this blaster
i shall name you my Golden Blaster

Thank you for checking out This Week in Cardboarding, hope you have a stellar week. 

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