Thursday, January 9, 2014

What a fun day in baseball!!

Congratulations to three amazing players

Thank you baseball for thoroughly entertaining me for the past couple of days, I am still not even close to being tired of all the talk about how good of players they are.  All the talk about players who didn't make it. And all the fun stories about players come out this time of year.  I am just giddy. 

On to the almost in:

Biggio two votes away - TWO VOTES!!! Oh my Gosh!!! More than likely next year will be the year.  
5th all time in doubles, 3,060 hits, 291 Homers, 414 Steals as a 2nd baseman, Catcher and Center Fielder.
Good Luck in 2015 Biggio, I'll be rooting for you.  

*a fun stat of Biggio's
82 million dollars!!!!


I so should have played baseball instead of soccer

i can just kick myself

get it


ha ha

i just told a joke 


actually i just wanted to make the screen go further down 
so you would have to scroll to get to the next player

On to the disappointments:

I am most disappointed by Mr. Jack Morris not getting in.

I really think the writers got this wrong

My first big league game in Boston at Fenway park, guess who was pitching?

It was a great day, I fell in love with Fenway and Boston, even though my most vivid memories are of Puckett in batting practice, crushing balls over the Green Monster and to deep center and Morris dominating the Sox even if the box score (stats) don't show it - he was AWESOME!!

I really hope the veterans committee can rectify the writers error.  Mr. Morris your HOFer to me, and I am sure you will be an official one soon.

Thanks for reading my HOF post, I really hope to start blogging again.

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