Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chrome Cardboarding

A christmas present that was shiny, just how shiny, lets see

Going in reverse order of how I opened the blaster, just for the fun of it

Pack 8
The purple shiny

Pack 7
Cole and Bundy fun
two promising young arms

Pack 6
Verlander Diecut - me likey

Pack 5
not a very good photo for Mr. Medlen
Mauer looking like the great hitter he is

Pack 4
Ozuna came up and was on fire
and tailed off just as the experts predicted
i hope he can get back into his hitting groove in 2014

Pack 3
 a ray, i think i saw a ray, i did 
xfractor - i miss getting 3 of these in a blaster
Barnes is now in Colorado
and i think he might bring some fantasy value this year 

Pack 2
a cup card, a wacha

Pack 1
opening the pack from the back
there was will myers name 
as a Rays fan, i was a very happy cardboard junkie
what a great start to the blaster
it made everything else gravy to me
hence why i did this post in reverse opening order

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