Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mega Update

he he..  
I couldn't resist the play on words
Mega Update Blaster box and the fact that i haven't posted cards in so long.

i saw one of these busted quite a while ago on someones blog and made a mental note
on how AWESOME it seemed
so when the wife and i were out and about Xmas shopping
i threw one of these bad boys in the cart

The Update Packs,
Pack 1
Junior Lake, sweet, i picked him up last season in fantasy when he got called up
and man is a beast physically, hopeful a full season in 2014 will be his year to shine

Pack 2
Ryu mini - i really like
Pack 3
Yu and Nolan, nice Ranger card
Mr. Kazmir is back, had a really nice season for the Tribe
and got his payday, i hope he brings his quality stuff to Oakland
Pack 4
Trout insert - fun

Pack 5
Gerrit Cole Debut card, I like this concept, but...
Does anyone know if the photo is also from that day???
that would solidify this as TRUE Rookie card in every sense then
and something i would actually want, covet and desire of players

The Chrome Update Packs
Pack 5
Puig, score - me HAPPY
a pair of Cardinal pitchers
one a HOF one definitely on the path 

Pack 6
Myers, my first of the sweet hitting Rays rookie
this box was a fun time

Great fun with my first Mega Box
Thanks for checking out my November in Cardboarding

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