Friday, January 17, 2014

My first Mock of 2014

Ahhh, January
Time to start prepping for fantasy baseball.

How i love the smell of hot dogs in winter.

wait... what

sorry, no idea where i was going with that.

I was lucky enough to draft with Lenny Melnick and a bunch of his listeners
Feel free to check it out

I really like my team, don't you hate that? Its so bitter sweet when you mock a team you want :)

                    Pick 1                                                 Pick 2 (great custom card)

 Lots of power in my first two picks

                       Pick 3                                                                Pick 4

I am not sure why but Scherzer put up Kershaw numbers and can be had much later
then grabbed some speed and my SS

                       Pick 5                                                                 Pick 6

Got more speed and picked up my other corner spot, i really like the balance so far

                            Pick 6                                                            Pick 7

gathering more speed at my 2b spot as well as my first closer

And since this is a mock draft, i'll just go ahead and show the rest of my roster and say I got four closers, and except Scherzer.  I took the rest of my starters really late.  Which would probably be a problem in a real league, but i am fan of pitch and ditch, so i am not overly concerned. After all that is the point of a mock draft, to try things. I love how late i got Kendry.

 Feel free to comment, i was really excited to be a part of Lenny Melnick's draft, so if you read this, thanks Lenny, i had a blast.

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