Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great Googgly Mooggly, More Mail!! :)

I love mail and this is a super duper doozy. Thanks to My Past Time ....... I Love It! My yellow envelope of treasure was amazing. I can't wait - I have to start with this.

The elusive McCutchen has found its way to me
Wicked is WICKED!!!

Wicked also sent me a massive amount of players I collect. I really need to get some of my All Time Favs linked up with my collection because cards are rollin in.
  • Pete Rose Record Breaker was an addition and is a great action shot
  • Johnny Bench Goudey - a great recent card that - it looks like he is about to play first with a catching mitt -Nice

  • A great addition of Crawfords, five in all, my fav being the Fleer Ultra with the Baseball Heroes a close second
  • The 09 Goudey showing off some basic color theory with the orange behind the blue making CC just pop out

  • BJ Upton also got the same treatment with six cards to add to my collection. Both combo cards will be added to his stack. The Spectrum being my fav of the bunch. I love the variety in pictures, a great swinging shot with the Timeline and an outfield fly pic in the Upperdeck and two more cards picturing what seems to be the BJ Upton classic shot - Run, BJ, Run
To top it off, I even got 12 Ichiros to add to my collection

  • The Mayo is a favorite - I have never pulled a Mayo card - can't even remember what they come in, I think Heritage - but now I got my second. The other a Longoria I ebayed.
  • The upper right Ichiro is like a puzzle or something

He even added 17 to my 2008 Heritage set

Wicked went way above and beyond
THANKS so much I greatly appreciate it.
My Past Time ....... I Love It!


JD's Daddy said...

hey hey, you got your McCutchen! Atta Boy Ortega!

nico Critelli said...

That Goudey Crawford is a nice one, the Exponential Ichiro is also pretty slick, nice package to open.