Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Massive Mail

Balk Four was the very first to welcome me to the Bloggerland. Offering to send some cards of what I collect at a time I only had two posts. Well two months and 30 posts later, I received a giant yellow envelope. He definitely sent a plethora of cards. A very fun time going through the cards. Here is what he sent:

First up, some additions to my player collections -Upton and Crawford
  • Hello Mr. Upton - 5 Grrreeeaaaaaat! BJ Upton cards
  • My fav is Topps Heritage card - A great vintage pose on a vintage card
  • The Upperdeck Reflections card is numbered to 99 - Very Nice and shiny
  • The Donruss Elite another shiny and actually talks about BJ's first hit - Very Cool - since I was there - A card I will cherish - Thank you, Thank you!!

  • Carl's turn - My fav being the Fleer Ultra - I'm going to say he is celebrating a homer but I could easily be wrong
  • the UD MVP has him standing straight - obviously getting some signs
  • and a Donruss Zenith having watch a foul ball - I imagine - all very nice additions
Next up - The Ichiros
  • My favorite Ichiro is the upper right - great photo and vintage design - Love it :)
  • The ticket stub is very cool - at first I thought it was a ticket stub and thought cool but when I unfolded it - I realized it was a 03 Fleer card - me like! - Thank you, Thank you!!

  • The Victory is cut like a playing card - very fun card
  • The Bazookas are very cool - one him running and the other photo looks like he is an infielder - the red is super thick - Thanks for whole collection of variants
  • My First National Trading Card Day card - Thanks
  • The Donruss Champions really waste space
  • the Topps Gallery - in the classic Ichiro I'm getting ready for another hit
  • and last but not least, another shiny with the UD Reflections
All great additions to my Ichiro Collection

50 Rays cards - here are my favs

  • Longoria Bowman Rookie - definitely the card of the shipment for me!! :)
  • Abernathy looking like a freshman in high school but I love this style of card
  • Tino Martinez as a Ray - WOW! its amazing how a card can spark a memory - seeing this card brings me back to the Red Sox/Ray game I saw at the Trop and Tino crushed a homer - Thanks, this card it will be cherished
  • I can't make up my mind on collecting Mr Boggs but I definitely like the Rays cards of him, there was just that whole Yankee phase
  • Rocco on a very sweet card and a great swinging shot

Rickey Cards - my first from blogging and i believe all but one were needed - Thank You!

20Red Sox Cards - the favs

  • I really like the Fleer Ultra - its very interesting and unique design - I love the one rounded corner
  • Okajima Bowman Chrome, great shot of him pitching
So a great collection of cards and I definitely had a blast going through the whole shipment. Much thanks and I will definitely be sending out a return package once I pull a few more cards for you. Just wasn't expecting so much.

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
Balk Four

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Anthony K. said...

Chris, glad you enjoyed the huge package.

Surprisingly enough, I had to split my Rays up for you and another blogger.

Which means I had a TON of Rays (surprising, I know).