Friday, October 2, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week I went with a hobby box of 2008 Heritage. The 1959 set design, is my favorite that Topps has ever made. I do like a lot of years but this is just my personal fav. The main aspects I like of the design is the circle inside the rectangle card, which gives the feeling that the players are in a spotlight and I love that the type is all lower case. I needed a lot for my set and wanted a little change from chrome. Of course, this was way over budget. So this will be broken up into three weeks to cover my budget. I was a little lucky that there were 24 packs, so dividing the box up works out perfect. My first week of the box will be the left side packs from top to bottom. Here's what I got:

Pack 1

My first All Star card with Beckett and I like
wolf, rios, stewart, and beckett set help

Pack 2

WOW two packs in and I scored a Hanley Refractor
very nice combo card with diceK and beckett also set help with gwynn

Pack 3

A Ray, YEAH!! and New Age insert
crawford,lee,schilling,combo set help

Pack 4

Nice collection of guys
everyone but mccann and sizemore were set help

Pack 5

Then and Now insert
lackey,vizquel,rollins,murphy,estrada set help

Pack 6

30-30 Man Kinsler and Zimmerman finally doing what everyone expected
Maine Chrome - Any Mets fans want this?
zim,mags,carlyle,edmonds,duhram set help

Pack 7

Lind and Bartlett both had an insane year
contreras,bannister set help

Pack 8

Nice collection of guys on the bottom row
manny,edgar,lo duca set help

Well just buying a box for set building definitely gave me a much more relaxed feel while opening packs. When opening the chrome I am hoping for McCutchen or Longoria Xfactor the whole time but this was nice. Looking at cards, seeing which ones I need and just going slowly pack by pack. Very pleasant experience. Scored two chrome cards Hanley and Maine and just three inserts, I think the blasters I bought last year had more inserts in them. So far so good with what I got in this box. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.


JD's Daddy said...

Thats a nice Hanley Refractor. Looks as shiny as my Alex Rios!

Hey, I don't know if you are collecting beyond the base set, but if not, would you be willing to trade those red sox cards?

BTW, I have a bunch of Heritage ready to go, I am getting them in the mail tomorrow (trying to stick to the "one trip to the post office per week" schedule).

Anonymous said...

Hanley.... Would you like to trade??

chris OK said...

Wicked its already your in your pile

JD's Daddy not sure which Red Sox cards you mean, please clarify, because all were set help except the Beckett Now and Then which I will put in your pile

nico Critelli said...

I agree about the lower case letters being a nice effect, but I think I like the overall look of the 2009 Heritage more.