Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Mail Day Catch Up

Still playing catch up. Thanks to JD's Wild Cardz I got to knock off 23 more cards off the 2008 Heritage Topps. Here are some of the favs

reynolds put up otherworld numbers this season
upton and ethier both put up some pretty numbers
pedroia was a bit of shock form JD's Daddy
I must say thanks hope it wasn't to hard letting it go

JD's Daddy even included two Rays

Thanks so much JD's Wild Cardz for helping me towards completion of my set.


JD's Daddy said...

excellent. you always get a little satisfaction knowing that the US postal service did their job!

nico Critelli said...

Wow, Ian Kinsler without hair! Haven't seen that for a while. Gotta love Ian