Friday, October 16, 2009

Wicked is my HERO

This week has super sucked. The only bright spot was Tuesday when I checked the mail and there was three yellow envelopes. Two were trades and expected sort of, Carl Crawford Cards sent some nice little extras along with the agreed upon trade. Well Wicked from My Past Time....... I Love It!! sent me a very unexpected treat. He sent an amazing package full of additions to my player collections.

First Up, the Ichiros

  • The Big Ticket card is a very well composed card and I really liked it when Wicked posted it
  • My first numbered Ichiro and its less than 100, WOW!! Thanks so much :)
  • The third card really confused me at first but then I realized it was folded inside the penny saver, so out it went and unfolded it got, and here is what I saw:
  • Very cool, its like its in widescreen, Thank You, Thank You!!

Next Up, the Crawford, Longoria and Zobrist cards

  • Another SweetSpot and its Sweeeeeeeeet! I really like these cards, to bad they are out of my budget
  • The Masterpiece is a great shot of him sliding home, and in the old Devil Ray uniform :)
  • Both Longoria cards are welcomed
  • And the Ben Zobrist addition, Eureka, Hope he keeps up the good work - random factoid: he tied Texiera for 3rd in AL OPS

And last but not least, even though I keep hearing he is on the clubs bad list, the DiceK cards. These are also my first DiceKs from Blogging :)

  • I like the big ticket cards and how they come out of the frame, a nice little touch
  • The Allen & Ginter cards are fabu
  • The X and the die cut X very nice
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
I will be sending some cards out to you tomorrow
My Past Time....... I Love It!!

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nico Critelli said...

That Ichiro and Konerko fold out is quite spiffy!