Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tribute to Poor Old Baseball Cards

I came across Poor Old Baseball Cards (POBC) one day while surfing peoples blog rolls and I was enamored with this blog. I literally read every post from the latest one about Babe Ruth to the very first post about the Mick. 130 posts and I probably left about ten comments as I made my way through all them. Its been over a month since he posted the Babe he got, so I wanted to show a little love to a blog that really captivated me. Today is that day, today is the day I show off some of my Poor Old Baseball Cards.

I can't remember how I got all these or where, but I definitely know I have had them since I first started collected. So around 1985-86ish I acquired these babies and they are all over twenty years old and I have had them for over twenty years. I am fairly certain the 70's cards are from grab bags since they were never players I intentional collected. The 80's cards are just cards I got and actually looked at and read and showed off to friends.

  • First Up - Gary Carter 1979 - Creases all over - I always like Gary Carter and enjoyed watching him play when I got to see him on the television - This card lets you know he was named Rookie of the Year in 1975 by The Sporting News
  • Next two McCovey cards both very abused - the 77 has a small stain under the O of McCovey and it looks like a staple or hook got a piece of the card. The 1980 card informs you that he won NL MVP in 1969 - he batted .320 with 45HRs 126RBIs - Nice Year
  • Mattingly in 85 and 86 was easily the most sought after player and it shows by the fraying edges of this card

  • Nolan Ryan 1983 is creased very badly - I actually think this card fell behind bed and I found it a few years later
  • Sandberg 83 not to bad compared to the rest of this lot, just an ink stain and some corner wearing
  • Boggs got splashed by some coffee. (Ah, who am I kidding, a lot of coffe)
  • Sandberg 84 got the crease treatment
I also wanted to show the backs

  • Most of the backs look good, except the Boggs, it really shows off the coffee
Thanks for checking out my little tribute, I hope you enjoyed. This Week in Cardboarding will probably be up tomorrow.

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POBC said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reading POBC and thanks for the comments. I look forward to reading your blog regularly. And please, if you ever see something out there that you think will work for my blog, don't hesitate to give me a heads-up.

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