Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OH, BOY!! OH BOY!! Mail

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You A Cardboard Problem. Yes, I got mail from one of the very first blogs I began reading. I sent A Cardboard Problem all the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards I had and some Yankee chrome Xfactors and doubles I had and this is what I got in return. It was a perfectly tailored cello pack of goodness. All the cards are players I collect and I love every card A Cardboard Problem sent. They will be most cherished.

First up - Ryne Sandberg - Its my first Ryno since I started blogging and also my first All Time Fav I received.

I have seen this card on two blogs and wanted it both times. Guess what? I have it now :)

Next up - ICHIRO Cards

  • I can not stop looking at the SweetSpot Ichiro (Its like I am an addict, oh great, I now have a cardboard problem :)
  • I never knew Bowmans Best were so thick (I know - I don't get out much).
  • A Gold Timeline, NICE :) and another Timeline I didn't have SUPER NICE!.
  • The 07 Goudey is so cute being perfectly square (yeah, I used cute to describe a card. Please don't take my license to collect away) How about this - the composition is perfectly centered and with the square frame it makes for a simply attractive and solid card.
  • my first 09 X card of the year - Sweet

Next up - BJ UPTON :)

Another SweetSpot and its SWEEEET!! and two 08 I needed - NICE!! (Run, BJ, Run)

Next up Mr. Crawford.

  • A Bowman Chrome (I like the SHINY)
  • O Pee Chee Insert - I really like the style of this card, if all the cards were done this way I think I would have picked up more than one blaster.
  • 08 X - he looks confused (I don't think he knows where the ball is, Ssshhhh! don't tell anyone)
....and the final card - Drum roll please......

My first Ray Memorabilia Card
My first Awesome CC card
A Cardboard Problem


Covered in Wrappers said...

You're very welcome. I am glad all those Rays are in a good home now. I have some top secret trade bait for you, for you know, when you pull a sweet Pujols or Cano card.... ;)

Glad you liked everything and thank you so much for the cards you sent me. I have been all over the place blogging lately between my blog and UD I barely have any thoughts, lol.

nico Critelli said...

Darn looks like your Canos have already been spoken for :(

Covered: I didn't know that anyone else collected Cano. Him and Melky are some of my favorite Yankees that have come around since 2000.

Chris: I have an 2009 Exponential3 BJ Upton that you might like. Shoot me an email at if you'd like me to send it your way.