Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Baseball Dad, I Think I Love You!"

I have always wanted to use that quote towards something baseball related. Score, I just did. And to an Indian fan none the less. If you don't know the quote, it was originally in Major League and originally went "Wild Thing, I think I love you". When I think Cleveland Indian baseball that is the first thing in my head. So its only natural to title my blog post in reference to a great baseball movie.

Baseball Dad if you don't know runs All Tribe Baseball blog and he had been receiving some pretty insane collection of Indians cards when I came across his blog. I had some insert Indians I wasn't particularly found of, so I thought he would appreciate more than I was. And I do believe he did, because his post on receiving my little package made me extremely happy. Check it out won't cha.

Then today, after the road trip from hell was over. I got a package from Baseball Dad. Once again he brightened up my day.

The entire top row, I needed for my player collections and was super jazzed about getting. On the bottom row the Kaz is so nice, it would have been favorite of the lot if he was still a Ray. Hopefully he can help the Angels take down the Yankees in the playoffs. That would be so nice. By the way, that would mean, the Sox take first back from the Yankees. So the Goudey Crawford wins the distinguished award of best in package.

The rest of the shipment was some added Rays. I really like the Akinori, but clumsy me slammed one of the corners pulling it off the scanner, oops. So thank you Baseball Dad for putting some sunshine on a day that was not going well. A stack of Indians has been building in your honor.

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Glad you liked the cards! You have a great blog started here too.I'll have to go back and catch up on the older posts and search your want lists.