Thursday, September 3, 2009

Collecting Philosphy

Well from really scouring the blogging community, I came to realize I need to have some idea of what I collect. Even more importantly, I need to write it down so others know. I did a quick brainstorm when I originally put up the blog (which is the sidebar info), but I think I could be a little more detailed. This is definitely going to be a post that continues to change and get updated, so please bare with me and check occasionally.

Let me begin with the most important thing first- I only collect baseball cards and I only spend twenty dollars a week. Hence the words budget and baseball in the title of my blog. I may wait a week or two to get a forty or sixty dollar purchase, but that rarely happens. Now that the major rules are established, on to the specifics.

The main thing I collect are player collections, mainly Evan Longoria and BJ Upton Cards.

Lately, it's been all about Evan Longoria and occasionally a blaster here and there. Back in July 09, I did wait two weeks to cover my budget and got a hobby box of Topps series two, hoping for a Beckham redemption, but I drew number seven- which turns out to be Matt Latos. I definitely like to be a player collector. In the mid 80s it was Reggie and Rose then in 87 it was McGwire and the A's. Remembering back, I think meeting Canesco at an autograph session started to sour me on collecting and then I joined the Navy and collecting became a faint memory. In 2001, when Ichiro came on the scene, I picked up the itch again and even started picking up a few Nolan Ryans. In 05 i started fantasy baseball, which lead me back to buying an occasional pack or blaster. On a side note, I really like players that can stay with a club their whole career.

Player Collections (links to be added eventually)
Evan Longoria - WOW, he really burst onto the scene, hope he stays with Tampa his entire career and avoids the juice
BJ Upton - Was actually at his first game in the bigs and saw his first hit, so I am along for the ride

Tier two
Carl Crawford - Just an amazing player, really hope Tampa keeps him and makes him a franchise player, I really hate all the speculation Tampa might lose him after this season.
Ichiro - Hall of Famer already and would have decimated Rose's record if his whole career was in the majors

Some other players I like
Gordon Beckham
Ben Zorbrist
Reid Brignac

Well if you noticed my player collection pages, I am constantly editing them to keep them current with what I acquire. Not a bad thing it just makes you realize if you really like a player or not. I just haven't been as enthusiastic as I should be with DiceK so I have cut him. I still like him but maintaining his page just hasn't been as fun as the other players I have been collecting.
So I have been flirting with the idea of collecting
Kevin Youkilis - mainly because so many bloggers hate him
Dice K, Pedroia, and Ellsbury cards are always welcome

Other players I pick up on occasion or All Time Favs
Reggie, Rose, Ryan, Rickey
Sandberg, Puckett

The next thing I collect is the occasional set.

I like set building but never seem to have the patience for it or really the funds to buy enough boxes to come close to a set. Thanks to blogging though, I think I will definitely try to complete one... which hopefully will lead to two and so on.

Sets I will try and complete
2009 Topps Chrome Needs
2008 Topps Heritage Needs

Okay, if you don't have any cards of players or sets that I collect, I will accept cards from my favorite teams, but I must admit I don't value just random team cards the same as player cards or set needs.

Teams I like, are the Tampa Rays and Boston Boston Red Sox. I spent close to thirty years in Florida and six in the Tampa area while they were called the Devil Rays. I got to go to a couple games at Tropicana Field. I know there are a lot of critics of the Trop, but I think it's really nice. The walk to the stadium from the parking made me feel that I was going to a ball game, parking was convenient, the inside was nice with restaurants and shops, (wish they had the tank of rays when I went though), and leaving didn't take too long. I really enjoyed watching the games in the AC as opposed to the Florida sun and humidity. I also like the Boston Red Sox. Mainly, because it was my first big league game and Fenway just blew me away. It was everything I imagined and more, my fifteen year old self was .... (there are still no words for it, but here's trying) awesomely astounded. I was in Boston on a soccer tournament and it was before Florida had a MLB team. The most vivid thing from that day was going up the ramp and seeing a big league field for the first time and then seeing Kirby Puckett take batting practice. He was effortlessly swatting balls over the green monster and to deep center field. I now live two hours away from Fenway and look forward to going again.

Thanks for reading.


Anthony K. said...

Hey Chris,

Some reason I didn't see this post earlier, but glad to know your collecting philosophy.

I will make sure I keep an eye out for a few other things for you, so I will wait a couple days before I send out your package.

Good luck on the set.

chris OK said...

Cool, thanks


When you first told me about your blog, I went back and read most of your posts,but having this on the side is nice touch.When I get home this afternoon I'll see if I can help you on your sets.

nico Critelli said...

Hey Chris,
I'm new to the blogging thing but it seems like a great way to keep up with the hobby and really get to know some people through collecting.
I like your choices in players to collect, I like how Ichiro, crawford and Longoria play the game, they are so great to watch! However, I am a Yankee fan, but this means I'll have no problem swapping some Red Sox for Yankees.
I love to collect Jeter, I know it is totally a cliche player to collect but I was 6 when he broke into the majors so it was around the time I really started getting into baseball and collecting. I also collect Ichiro, Paul O'Neill, Robinson Cano, and Tim Lincecum. Let me know if you have have these players or other yankees that you would trade and we'll work something out.

I look forward to reading more of your blog,

camclow said...

Hey, I have some stuff you might like. I got a Bench game used, Carlton game used, couple old Reggie Jackson's, Crawford game used, Crawford commons inserts, a couple BJ rookies you probably already have and that's just off the top of my head. Here's my email:
I can send you a scan if you want.
Here's my blog:

Matt B. said...

Like you, I exited the hobby and then found myself emerged back into it again. I also am a new card blogger although I have been blogging for a few years now in other areas. I began by reading a few card blogs and then eventually decided to give it a try. I am definitely a budget collector now as I focus mainly on the low end base sets instead of high end stuff. My blog is if you want to take a look.