Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gordon Beckham Collection

Here is a picture list of all the Gordon Beckham cards I have. Why pictures? I just like to see cards more than a list of words. If you have something not shown and want to trade it, please contact me so we can work something out, thanks.

Check out his MLB debut, June 5, 2009, or his first hit on YouTube

On to the gallery:


Thank you for checking out my Gordon Beckham Collection

Credits/Checklist (haves)


NicoLax24 said...

So I see that you have decided to stick with Beckham. I like your method of posting your PCs. It looks nice and it makes it way easier to scroll through and see if you already have what I'm offering. Hint, Hint. Keep an eye out for a belated X-mas package

chris OK said...

Yeah, I decided to start collecting him. I like his swagger and I seem to be able to pull him on occasion. I really like his name, its just awesome. He has speed and power and can play three positions well.

Thanks for the compliment on PC pages. That is what I was going for with the collection pages. A clean easy way to see what I already have. To make it easy for others I trade with.

I will definitely keep an eye out, Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to it. Already got a stack going for you.

Luis Leal said...


I just came across this post. I've gotten a few Beckham cards just recently. I'd be happy to work something out if you're interested.
Here's what I have:

09 Topps Update # UH20
09 Topps Heritage Rookie Star Chrome #CHR154
09 Topps T206 Mini 'Piedmont' variation #174
09 Topps T206 Short Print - No # on back. Says "Rookie American League"

Shoot me a line if you'd like!