Monday, December 21, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week was is a tad late because I didn't get out of the house until late Sunday. So I didn't get to open it until late Sunday night. I went with another blaster of Heritage Hi from Target. Here is what I got:

Pack 1

the first card was dinged - which seemed to happen quite a bit

Pack 2

Tommy Hanson - cardboard back
Zavada fact from the back
Zavada did not allow an ER in his 1st 18 IP

Pack 3

an insert that makes no sense to me,
one hitter and one a pitcher,
one won the WS and one lost a WS
very odd to me

Pack 4

WOWee!! ZOWee!!!
Great Design and a relic of the main player i collect
Super Happy :)

Pack 5

Beckham another player I collect
Cahill Chrome
Future HOF John Smoltz
and a Reimold card (wish i still lived in Sarasota for the Orioles spring training)
Reimold help my fantasy teams
Sweet pack

Pack 6

a Ray
Rzepczynski a promising Blue Jay pitcher

Pack 7

Trevor Crowe Chrome
Cliff Lee in a Phillies Uni
Hampton a damaged card
Cecil another promising Blue Jay pitcher

Pack 8

David Hernandez Chrome
Qualls was the most damaged card

Not really sure what happened with the first card in five of the packs, the bottom right corner of each got snagged on something in production. I am really glad that no other cards got damaged.

The blaster was Awesomely Amazing and it was a blast to open. At first I was little sad that I wasn't pulling the chrome as easy as the last blaster but then in pack four when I got the relic and I immediately saw that it was Longoria, I was over the moon. To bad the wife just isn't as enthusiastic as I am about such things. But she does play along, as I kept informing her for the rest of the night, that I got a Longoria Relic and Beckham. Same thing happened when I started my chrome kick and got a Beckham and Hanson Auto. I love her, she lets me be silly and doesn't get annoyed with my excitement. I never expect autos or relic in blasters and to get one of a player I collect was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I did end up with three Chrome so that was a plus too.

Well this will be last blaster I will actually buy, until I gain employment again. What a great one to end with. I will try to think of things to post til than to keep the blog live and hopefully requests of baseball cards for Christmas from family will turn up and extend things into January. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.


NicoLax24 said...

Great pull dude. Is that your first Longoria relic? I'm still waiting to stumble across my first.

chris OK said...

Yep, first Longoria Relic :)