Sunday, December 27, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. I happen to get a 09 Heritage blaster for Christmas, yep a first series Heritage blaster. I am not sure where they found such a thing, but who am I to question, I want to rip.

Pack 1

Drew insert
a Miggy
Nyjer Morgan very curios from a fantasy angle
Will he repeat his numbers and stay healthy?

Pack 2

Lincecum Insert
Cardinal Coaches - SP

Pack 3

Lidge Chrome C18
cool card with Wright Arod - havent seen it before

Pack 4

David Wright - Will his power return?

Pack 5


Pack 6

Ichiro and Lester nice cards

Pack 7

Soto - SP
This is definitely the "they should be better pack"
Gordon, Francoeur, Young and Millege all super promising prospects

Pack 8

Reynolds what an incredible year
Both pitchers from the Giants - nice

3 SPs, two Inserts and a chrome. Nothing to exciting but I loved opeing a blaster not on shelves anymore. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

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