Friday, September 25, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week I went with another Chrome blaster from Target. I know, shocking right? Still hoping for McCutchen and some set help. Here's what I got:

Pack 1

A Ray and a set need with Shields, YEAH!
Golson Xfactor
Pack 2

WBC and no set help :(
Pack 3

another Ray and set help with Akinori and Buehrle Xfactor
Kawakami set help
Pack 4

another WBC and no set help

Pack 5

Martis Refractor and no set help :(

Pack 6

Another Ray and more set help with Pena (I see a trend)
Maine Refractor and Vazquez set help

Pack 7

Hamels Xfactor definitely the best card of the box
and already in JD Wild Cardz stack of phenoms

Pack 8

WBC with a scuff mark?

Well five cards towards my set and no McCutchen, a little disappointed but three Rays and a Hamels Xfactor makes the box okay. I just opened another box and loved it. Next week will definitely be something other than chrome, promise. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.


Covered in Wrappers said...

That sure was a bunch of Yankees. If I bought one I am sure I'd end up with Red Sox, lol.

chris OK said...

If you like Yankees, I have Posada, Damon, Sabatha Xfactors I can send you and all those Yankees(Tex, CC, Damon, Jorge, and Wang)were doubles of base cards I already had. If you want them email an address.