Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding, this week I got up to Glens Falls and got to go to Omega Sports card store in the Aviation Mall. I have been there, three times now, and still have mixed feelings on the store. They have no recent packs, which I don't mind that too much, it just would be nice. He told me he was sick of the high end product and dealing with wives of customers who spent more than they could afford on cardboard. Which I agree with, but lets not get into that discussion, maybe in another post some day. Still it would be nice to have the option of picking up some reasonable priced packs, such as some hobby chrome, and it would have been nice to buy an extra pack or two to complete my budget. What I really like is how they have their cards arranged by team on shelves along the wall. The last time I went in his store for Rays cards, he had just been cleaned out by a customer, so I was a little out of luck that time. This time they had a small stack of Rays cards so I picked up some Crawford and Upton cards. I also picked up a couple Ichiros I needed. All for six bucks, I have no idea what the list price of the cards were, so I figured 9 cards 6 dollars - sounds good to me. Here's what I got.

Then to finish off my budget, I went to Walmart later in the week and picked up three chrome packs. They were really messy, so I figured they had been ripped clean of anything good. I still decided to try them hoping for cards to build my set.

Pack 1

WOW!!! was I WRONG on the someone searching the packs, my second Hanson auto and I got an Ichiro insert, Bruce also helped my set need and Damon Xfactor

Definitely an AWESOME pack and it's amazing, but pulling the Hanson in the first pack just let me completely enjoy the next two, I got to just enjoy opening for the joy of opening baseball cards. I didn't care about McCutchen or anything else. I was so dumbfounded over that pull. I just opened the next packs and enjoyed each card.
Note to self - allows try and just enjoy opening for the fun of opening baseball cards.

Pack 2

Johan Xfactor and Cain, Jakubauskas andMcDonald set help

Pack 3

WBC card, Konerko Xfactor and no set help

Very very good week in This Week in Cardboarding. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.


JD's Daddy said...

nice nice pull on that Hanson auto. At walmart in a retail pack none the less!

Anonymous said...

would you trade for the Hanson auto???

Anonymous said...

That omega sports store in aviation mall is not only a rip-0ff but the guy who owns\runs it is a complete pathological liar.the only reason he had rays cards for you was because he knew you would be back.he's very good at reading people and knows how to b.s. my advice would be to stay away from him at all costs.I dealt with him first in niagra falls and now he's stealing from the nice people in lake george.

Anonymous said...

there are about 400 omega sports nationwide. the store in Niagara Falls is still there. they all have different workers. I have been dealing with the Omega Sports in N Falls for years and its the same fella. Always great deals as usual. Ill bet your one of the stores they put OUT of business. Omega always is packed for a reason. The real customers are happy. They probably know u as a stalker. And wanted you out. Anyone creepy. They keep out and u sound creepy. Martin !!!