Friday, September 11, 2009

My First Mail Day

Thanks to My Past Time ....... I Love It! I now have 21 less cards of the 2009 Topps Chrome set to find and more importantly my first package. Thanks so much, it was really exciting to open the mail box and seeing a little package in there. Even more exciting to go through a stack of cards not knowing who it would be. It was like a super jumbo pack. So, Thanks again and I hope you like what I sent and I'm still slowly working my way though my cards to get you some Marlins.

Ichiro was definitely my biggest surprise and favorite of the lot, but I really like Holliday on the A's and Griffey on the Mariners is just how life should be (sorry Reds fans). I love the Pat Burrell card, I haven't seen it before and he is just so happy in it.

Here are some of the other cards I received. I really like scanning cards, not sure why but I do. Even though chrome is tough to get a good scan.

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