Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Topps Chrome

favs minus Longoria

The last couple of weeks I have been goo goo for the shiny chrome and man did they ever step up to the plate and smack a homer for me. I got three blasters and two packs from Wally World when on vacation in TX visiting the in laws. Scoring my first true awesome hit. A Tommy Hanson Auto.


Since its been a little while, I'm not sure exactly how all the cards played out by box, but I wanted to get my first post up.

Box one nothing to exciting but I did get Longoria and Rasmus. The next day, I then tried two packs and scored a Beckham and Pujols in one pack (sweet, I now have all I really wanted Beckham and Longoria) and I have no idea who was in the second.

Box two was a prize from the parentals since they love to shop and I just wasn't in the mood for any more clothes. That got me the Hanson auto and I was super excited because I never scored an awesome hit before. My only other auto was Mark Ellis in a Stadium blaster.

Box three - A few days later Dad was picking up beer for the boys, I don't drink, so I think he thought it a good idea to asked if I wanted another box. It was. I got the blue Saunders, Porcello, another Rasmus, and Holland and Mauer Xfactor

refractors/bottom 2 xfactors

Everything but Beckham is trade bait, I even got a bunch of WBC cards. Which are now going to My Past Time……. I Love It!! because he is trying to complete the WBC, so help him if you can.

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JD's Daddy said...

wow. A Tommy Hanson auto out of a blaster. That is a fantastic pull. Keep it and never let go!