Thursday, August 19, 2010

Actual Mail, Woo Hoo!!

One More Pack! was kind enough to offer some cards up for my Heritage set, just a few so I signed up at Zistle to check out his player collections, then gathered a few cards together to send him back some player collection cards he was missing.

some nice cards, hope the Thomas wasn't meant for someone else
because i really like it :) but let me know and i'll return it if you need it

Only he didn't just send some set help. He also sent some awesome player collection cards.

First up, the Rays:

CYMTO Longoria, sweet
Opening Day Upton, nice
and my fav of the bunch
also an 09 A&G and 2 Documentary
featuring Upton,
THANK YOU! Very much

Then a Just Minor card of CC
looking all kinds of young, at age 18 not to shocking
then 2 03 cards of CC, very fun
great additions

But wait he wasn't done because then there were some ICHIROS

Did i say some, i meant a whole plethora of ICHIROs

WOW!! still going

The 71 style UD Vintage is by far my favorite card of the package
i have seen it a few times but just never picked it up
so thanks for solving that problem


1 comment:

Eli said...

Hey Chris, glad you like the cards, I'll keep an eye out for anymore to send your way. The Thomas is for your collection......Eli