Friday, September 10, 2010

Turkey Cardboarding

Welcome to TWIC! I finally missed a week, yep last week, i held on for entire year, but at long last i let a week slip by. oh well :) I am truly amazed i lasted a whole year of consistent weekly posts but i will probably be missing a bit more as our little bundle of joy will be on the scene in the near future. The nursery consumed last week as the guest room disappeared and all baby furniture moved in. Well enough on the life update, on to TWIC which happens to be another discounted blaster from Walmart, this week Turkey:)

Pack 1

two dead guys one baseball related
a biggio, sweet
Hanley checklist card, nice action shot
Pack 2

Crawford stealing on another checklist
and an Upton
WOW two Rays fun pack
and the Tulo is nice

Pack 3

former Rays Hamilton, my first RC of Josh
Pujols and Manny sunset cards

Pack 4

Utley and Rollins both great action

Pack 5

another Mantle
i swear topps is owned by the Yankees
they say repetition is good for the brain

Pack 6

ugggg more Yankees
and my hit is one

Pack 7

Bonds imagine that
and Kent both now retired
and a nice Dice K

Pack 8

finish with CC base card
and Felix looking all bright and orange

Fun blaster, i think the checklists are my favorite cards followed by the sunset cards. Thanks for checking out TWIC and have an awesome week and hope you score some most excellent cardboard.

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NMCLax24 said...

Hey man, I'd love to trade for that Phil Hughes Chrome.