Friday, November 26, 2010

Chrome Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding!!! Just had to pick up some chrome blasters to get my fix for this year. Back when it first hit retail stores. So these cards have been sitting for quite awhile collecting dust while life was happening. Will i be going crazy this year, like last year? Chasing down all the cards, collecting the entire set, ripping pack and blaster with no regard, just enjoying each and every insert and parallel i would get. Nope, probably not. Thank heavens i used some birthday money on my chrome this year, which essentially means they were gifts and not my money blown. I was really excited about this set, like i am every year, but topps definitely dropped the ball on this one.

Pack 1

mclouth refractor - great photo
former Ray Edwin Jackson

Pack 2

i am liken all four photos of this pack
another former Ray Kazmir
Tulo with the best photo of the bunch
and a Dice K
no refractor - bad topps!!

Pack 3

Wainwright refractor

Pack 4

santos xfractor

Pack 5

Werth insert

Pack 6

Howard Xfractor

Pack 7

yadier reractor
another Texiera , a DUP! :/

Pack 8

Roberts blue
and another Kila and Russo, DUPS!!! >:(

I know many have already commented on the miscuts (which i am sure was intentional by topps, because how many years have they gone without it happening) and the major warping (which is just a sad pathetic effort by topps). But the biggest faux pas, was changing the Xfractor, it just doesn't have the sparkle to it, it looks like a really bad bitmap photo from when the internet first came out and photos would load slowly and you get this really weird pixelated image until it finally loaded. The fact that there are such major issues with the cards leaves me to just skip this set and i am in no way spending the money i did last year on this poorly executed product. Okay Positives, it is always fun opening packs (even if i didn't get anything i really like/want), i like most of the photography from the set (even though i have seen it on the base set, but it is way better on the chrome) and i like how i got the Roberts Blue and regular card along with the Werth regular and insert. But to get doubles of three base cards (Russo, Ka'aihue and Kanekoa) is horrible. I mean I only got 32 cards overall, so technically i got 29. Thanks topps :(

Thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding, hope you have an awesome cardboarding week :)

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