Friday, February 19, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding :) This week i decided to try some 2009 Upper Deck, since i really don't buy much UD. I usually end up buying a blaster of the combo packs when they go on clearance. At least in 2006 and 2007, never found a 2008 blaster on clearance. Unfortunately, the 2009 aren't on clearance yet, but i decided to pick one up anyways. Mainly because i have wanted to pick up one of these for awhile, now. Ten packs of 18 cards for a total of 180 cards, made it seem worth it to me. Stating the cards cover both series one and two, but what the box fails to mention is that it also has some update cards. Actually two per pack giving 20 Update cards, not a bad deal at all.

I'll use the first pack as an example of how the packs are set up
Pack 1

the first part is Series one

the next part is the updates and inserts

The third part is is series two

Pack one was awesome with McCutchen and the promising Fernando Martinez for the Updates, two Red Sox guys and a future HOFer with Glavine, definitely a great start.

For the rest of the packs I will be hitting the highlights. Since three scans for one pack is a bit much.

Pack 2

Joe Crede #83
Roy Oswalt #152
Johnny Damon #265
Johan Santana #250
Jeff Clement #338
Kevin Kouzmanoff #318
Padres Team Leaders #438
Generation Now - Albert Pujols
Russel Branyan #U26
Generation Now - Jose Reyes
Miguel Cairo #U17
20th Annversary - Manny Ramirez #2482

Travis Ishikawa#843
Chad Qualls #512
Kosuke Fukudome#570
John Buck #677
Ian Stewart #629
Brandon Phillips #961

Pack two was o-bee-kay-bee with a Pujols insert, and some nice regular cards of Damon, Santana and Phillips in the cameo.

Pack 3

Pack three had some really nice photography basically everyone but Madson is a really nice photo. Utley is definitely my favorite photo of the pack, and McLouth a close second, i can just feel the action in both. McLouth and Carpenter were the Updates.

Pack 4

Pack four was Sweeeeet, and by far is my favorite so far. Two Longoria cards i needed for my player collection and an Ichiro i needed. Some more great photography, Varitek is my favorite photo of the pack, seeing the ball come off the bat, very nice. Another Red in cameo with Bruce. Tony Gwynn and Schlereth the Update cards

Pack 5

Pack five was pretty good, leading the way were two rookies Elvis Andrus and Mat Gamel. I love the Frank Thomas card, great shot of him. Swarzak and Pedro are the Updates. The 20th Annv card is a football card, i was on such a role with four straight baseball 20th Annv cards. Dag nam it! This is why i don't buy UD much, i hate getting anything that is not baseball. So, someone please take it off my hands.

Well i am going to divide this blaster up, since i am still budgeting. So next week will be the other five packs. Definitely feel good about the blaster so far, lots of great photographs and i got a McCutchen and two Longoria cards along with an Ichiro. Very fun, thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

I wouldn't mind hearing from you on my format of posting, i know most bloggers only include hits, or a list of the pack. I tried a few different formats in this post since there were so many cards per pack. I don't care much for typing out the pack, it feels more like a chore to me. I think i found a nice way with the last three packs, but i would still like to hear others opinions. So please let me know if you like to view TWIC with all cards scanned, or as a list, or just the few cards i like or even let me know you don't care.


night owl said...

Showing all the cards the way you did ithe last three packs works for me. There's not need to list them all if you do that. That way, you get to say whatever you want after you show the cards.

chris OK said...

Thanks for the feedback, i really appreciate it.