Friday, February 26, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Continuing with the second half of the 2009 UD Combo blaster

Pack 6

A fun pack with some nice photos and some good players. Poor Scott Hairston traded back to the Padres after being moved to Oakland. Talk about bad luck, for being destined to the worst hitting ball parks. I think its a strange move for the Padres since they have Will Venable and Kyle Banks two promising young outfielders who showed a lot of upside last season. Snell with one of those pitcher hitting (or really bunting) shots that are always fun. Andruw Jones and Brett Cecil are the update cards. Thome now a Twin, i wonder if he is trying to get to the 600 HR club?

Pack 7

A great pack thanks to Matt Wieters, other than that i got two Rays and Pedroia insert. Schneider carrying his gear is a different shot of a catcher. Latos and Wieters are the updates.

Pack 8

Pack eight was so-so with just about about everything, no real stand out players, the photos are pretty generic and no biggies on the inserts. It did contain two pitchers from the World Champion Marlins club right next to each other, just something fun to point out. Aki sliding is my favorite card of the pack. Colon and Mills (Blue Jay rookie) are the update cards.

Pack 9

Score another needed Longoria and he is sporting the shades, definitely not at the Trop. Some really fun photography with this pack, the Dallas Braden playing with the ball is classic, (i wonder if he knew he was being photographed, i say no) and the K-Rod shouting really captures the moment. I also like the Vlad and Adrian photos. West and Pena are the updates.

Pack 10

Pack ten got me another Ichiro to add to my PC. Future HOFer Randy Johnson, wow those studio photos really stand out, compared to all the great action shots. Rollins makes my 5th Phillies Generation Now Insert, just an observation i thought i would note. Kapler and Cervelli are the update cards.

So i went 50-50 on the 20th Annv inserts being baseball related. If anyone collects the 20th Annv cards please let me know, i will gladly send them your way (all but the Longoria, of course). Also if anyone needs the Generation now inserts anything but the Longoria is available and as usual anything not going to my player collections is available for trade. Just let me know you want it. Really fun blaster overall, thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

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sruchris said...

I still need these out of 2009 Upper Deck Update:

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Generation Now (GN): 2 3 4 10 11 14 17 18 21 23 24 25 28 31 32 34 37 38 39 45 46