Saturday, January 29, 2011

HAPPY additions :)

the mini was my favorite win
the week earlier there were two auctions
one climbed to eight dollars and the second just past five
i scored this one 1.99 shipped
makes me HAPPY

the 2009 Topps Sterling
A base card that goes to 250
i lost out on about a dozen of these last year
so to finally score one
makes me HAPPY

the PoH has 23 Longo cards listed in the product
technically only four different
this wraps up what i want from this product
just the blue
mine for 2.60 shipped
makes me HAPPY

the three triple threads
were from the same seller and scored each for 99 cents
with combine shipping
HAPPY days

what fun collecting can be


Hackenbush said...

Good things come to those who wait. Nice pickups.

Michael said...

I'm quite jealous that you got the Topps Sterling! I am still in the pursuit of one.