Thursday, January 27, 2011

WHO Cardboarding??

while at Target i picked up a five dollar wrap pack of Bowman Draft Picks
anyone know any of these players?
did i do well??
i have no idea


night owl said...

I know a couple of them.

I'm interested in the Zack Lee gold card if you're willing to trade. I can probably dig up a couple of Rays.

cubsfan731 said...
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cubsfan731 said...

I know of a few of those guys. Nava is fast-becoming one of my favorite players, and Bryan Anderson is a guy who has been stuck behind Jason LaRue (and now Gerald Laird) for way too long. Anderson signs TTM, if that's your thing.

Michael said...

Lorenzo Cain was used in the Greinke to Brewers deal so he has some potential. I've heard promising things about Zach Lee as well.