Sunday, February 13, 2011

RETRO Cardboarding

Nothing super fancy this week
just some old school cardboard
that is just sooooo AWESOME!!!!
cost about about a buck twenty each after shipping

I so wish Target Blasters were full of these and not just two packs
In 09 series one when Topps did Walmart and Target exclusive cards
every pack in the blaster was filled with exclusivity
the main complaint back then wasn't the cards
but the fact you couldn't tell if you getting the exclusive cards
or the plain vanilla topps cards
but by series two we were down to just two packs
i think topps misunderstood
bring it back
bring back the complete blaster of retro awesomeness


pretty pretty please
with cherries on top


have exclusive packs/wrap packs of just the retro cards


how about when you release the factory sets you make a factory set of retro cards

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