Sunday, February 27, 2011


Why overload, because i am not a fan of relic cards generally. The whole taking something and breaking, cutting or chopping it up. Seems so wrong. Especially when that something would have been a centerpiece item in someones collection.

That said, at less than two bucks a piece i wasn't passing up some new cards

10 Topps Tribute
shiny me like
itty bitty photo me no like
unique photo makes up for it

09 A&G
it took dozens upon dozens of auctions to finally land this one
rare it is not
but finding it for less than two bucks = really hard
again i went by the mantra of if someone else already had it at 99cents
i wouldn't jack it up
and i saw many go for 99 cents
to bad not every else lives by that credo
good design
photo nothing special but it works well

09 Solo Shot
i love it
wish it was blue and not red
but i understand the red
the stitches of a baseball = red
shot like a gun fired usually characterized with red
it works really well
nice photo too
my second fav of TWIC

09 UD Flashback
i like it
again even without the fabric its a nice card
photos are strong and the design works

10 AllStarGame
love it - even without the jersey i would want this card
great design nice photo
my fav of the week

10 Peak Performer
super lazy design just cutting a hole in the original card

10 Heritage CC Bat
a good design unfortunately the photo isn't unique

09 The Heritage CC Jersey
eh design but nice action photo
props for using different photos from the bat CC

10 The Chicle
overall design works
even with being the same art as the base card
the C is a nice little touch

09 Future Foundations
ummm boring
its like a manger photo or something

09 etopps
really another jumping longoria card
wasn't that last year's photo

Nine Relics, an eTopps and a Numbered card makes for a beautiful week cardboarding :)
The total 21.58 shipped

Thanks for checking out TWIC and i hope you have an awesome week :)

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Fuji said...

Great additions at a great price... Congratulations!