Sunday, March 6, 2011

99cent Longo Lot

Just adding to my Longoria collection, shocking i know :)

The mini is what caught my attention
it is something i needed
and has been on my radar
just never able to find one for the right price
so i checked out the rest of the lot
pretty bland on first glance
but then i noticed some things

first i noticed the different symbol on the Longo/Price card
thats different
not something i would chase or really intentional pick up
but it makes this lot a little more special

then i noticed the Timeline has a little extra gold foil
20th anniversary logo
that makes for something new too

plus the 08 Target insert i love
even though i already have it
its just so awesome

okay lets bid one dollar

so two for shipping
makesthis lot equal a pack of cards
not to bad for three new additions

thanks for reading TWIC
have an AWESOME week

1 comment:

the sewingmachineguy said...

The masses are hoping Chris OK is ok. Hope to see some more budget friendly collecting stuff.
Hope you're well.
Peace buddy.