Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shaking the rust off

I know its been awhile but life just hasn't been allowing me much time or money for collecting.  A really quick recap, I am now in Texas and my daughter is two point five, wifey started a new job and i am working my way up a small business but doing art stuff.  Yep that about sums it up.  I have really missed collecting and even sharing the one or two things i pick up sporadically.   Its the beginning of a new season and I am inspired to give blogging another go.  As always I hope you enjoy my little play by play on collecting and baseball.

Kicking 2013 off with just a couple of packs from the local Target or Walmart (i cant remember which :).

Pack 1
 Lincecum my fist 2013 card, could be worst, Congrats Giants!
how unlucky was Cliff last season
can't believe Young is in Philli now, hope he ROCKS this year
got a Ray i'm happy, hello mrPrice
Love the 72 mini

Pack 2 
LONGO mini, me likey, 2013 you have hooked me
Nathan blue, i guess that means i got these from Wally

the other/last four cards from both packs
the top row is from pack one
...not much here
A red Danks, does that mean i got a pack at each store
one from wally and one from target
WOW i seem like an airhead
i can live with that

apparently there was a third pack, like i said shaking the rust off

 Profar rookie, back in the minors, top prospect by the experts
really not sure where texas can play him
unless they trade someone
regardless happy to have card of him
Nice Pedroia die cut

I think I will be stretching This Week in Cardboarding out this go around, so more posts, just shorter posts.
Thanks for reading have a great Easter!!!

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Glad to hear from you again !!
Hope all goes well in Texas, when you get a chance shoot me a new address so I can update contacts.