Friday, April 9, 2010

Rays Cardboarding

Still addicted to ebaying some Rays team sets, Bleacher Seats has a pretty nice shipping deal, so i raided his Rays selections

First up 2009 Topps Update Team set, i needed the Longoria, so for a practical reasons, instead of buying just Longoria for a dollar, i went with the team set for 1.50. The surprise was the Zobrist AS because i didn't know he had two cards in the set

Then i picked up two other 09 cards for my player collections

I have really like blue parallels
the red Longoria was just to tempting not to buy

Then i moved on to 2010, with another Topps team set, i still needed quite a few from series one, so in one 1.50 purchase I got the Zobrist and Wade Davis along with the Team card i really wanted, Price was the other i was missing

Then i also picked up the gold version of the Rays Team card along with the CC, still hoping Crawford decides legacy over green, money, greed - your choice on word usage

Two Upton blue parallels, scanning just does not do the Finest justice. The Finest is so choice. Then the two Longo cards i was still missing from Opening Day, i love the Superstar Celebration card, great moment captured. If anybody wants the code on the toppstown, feel free at it, i don't use them.

Then i grabbed a 2010 Topps Finest team set

Very nice packaging from Bleacher Seats, all individual items were in penny sleeves inside a top loader wrapped in bag with the fold over sticky part (not sure if there is a name for these little guys), each team set was also in in a bag then the top loaders acted like a shield around the team sets and everything was divided in to two larger bags. With foam peanuts in the bubble mailer, i imagine to prevent sliding around. Very nice. Well done sir.

Thanks for checking out TWIC

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Collective Troll said...

Very nice!!! Initially I was annoyed with your post because I don't like it when people skip trading to buy on ebay, but I softened as I saw your take... I love 2010 Finest and love that Bartlett is in there... The opening day blue parallels are really cool and I love that superstar celebration card. Awesome!