Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Combo Cardboarding

Found another 2009 UD Combo blaster featuring the update cards along with series one and two. Still hoping for Beckham and just a fun break. Each of the ten packs has 18 cards, the first five or six cards are from series one, then they alternate between update/generation now for two cards each, followed by a 20th Annv card, then series two for another five or six cards. I chose to do one scan per pack this time to save a little time. Without further ado:

Pack 1

Hermida, now a Red Sox and getting playing time
figure Boston will be letting Drew go
Holland an update, pretty unique pose
Ichiro a needed player collection card
love the Rollins photo, classic
off to a great start

Pack 2

Reimold and Pordora are updates
got a DiceK, very slight difference from the other version
anyone want a football card, i don't


SCORE!! Beckham Oh, YEAAAHHH!!!!!
Great photo of him swinging away
and wait 3 updates and 3 GN
eeeh gads, what a great mistake
especially because Beckham was the extra
the other two updates aren't to shabby either
Bailey, 09 ROY and speedy Bourbon

Pack 4

ZO! Great photo of Mr. Zobrist
Tampa please get him out of three hole
he isn't your best hitter
don't put that pressure on him
Longoria is your man

Pack 5

the Griffey GN is Sweeet!,
the colors really make this card nice
sorry the scan isn't doing it justice
BJ Upton GN - Awesome!!! - another needed PC card
and a third GN - is there a third update?
nope but its gold and has a serial number
i didn't know these had parallels
sweet - what fun
LaPorta and Garrett Anderson are update cards

Pack 6

Wait Obama,
so didn't know he had a card in this set
very unexpected
funny he is wearing a White Sox jacket
to a Cardinals game
and Gore makes 3 political 20th Annv cards
since i got Obama i'll just consider it a theme

Pack 7

Rzepczynski bringin the big leg kick back
him and Shef are the updates
a nice photo of Wright
and a 20th Annv of Cal
nothing wrong with a HOFer

Pack 8

Tulo in action
Zimmerman great follow through
and a Red Sox with Bard for the other update
baseball continues in the 20th Annv with Gwynn

Pack 9

Marson and Wilkin are the updates
Braun on the 20th Annv card
three baseball cards in a row
Alexi fielding, nice
Grienke looks like he is posing 60s style

Pack 10

Mazzaro and Pudge are the updates
Dallas Braden is off to a great start
so is Gutierrez
although Dallas has a way better photo
Katrina ruined my streak of baseball 20th Annv

Awesome break!! by pack three i was happy, by pack six i was blown away with what i pulled. I got the main card i wanted, along with a few additions to my player collectors, an Obama card and a serial numbered card both of which i didn't know existed, and lots of rookies, great blaster. Thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

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