Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

One 2010 Heritage blaster courtesy of the Parentals

Pack 1

Got Ian Kinsler in the first pack
Only significant because i was in texas at the time of rip
Manny SP
two Yankees

Pack 2

three Yankees
eeh gads the virus is spreading
love the McCann photo

Pack 3

a checklist but yes it has a Yankee on it
does Steinbrenner secretly own Topps?
at least Ray is in this pack
Pack 4

Rookie Performer card - awesome design
Magglio - i read the first week of the season
that last season his wife was battling cancer
hence the off season statistically last year
he is definitely back
where was the media?
to go a whole season and be clueless
all they talked about was
his contract and he had to play so many games
is it really that hard to say the guy is a family crisis
and its affecting him?
any one with a family would understand

Pack 5

two more Yanks and one is a SP version

Pack 6

Sweeeeeeet! Gordon Beckham
i'm happy with the blaster now
love those giant trophies
..... yes another Yankee

Pack 7

Hideki, your saved
Yankees photoshopped
the virus has been contained

Pack 8

Rasmus is off to an insane start
so should have taken him over Blanks in fantasy

Can't believe I pulled 9 Yankee cards and no chrome. I love me the chrome. 2009 Heritage High blasters had three chrome in each blaster i got, four in one. Hence why i am avoiding spending my money on these, and why i only bought the essential cards this year on the second hand market. To go from three chromes to zero is insanely stupid Topps, way to slap your customers in the face. You just lost the sale of about three or four more blasters this year. More if you do the same thing in the high series. Thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

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