Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Just a few new Longoria cards this week and one Upton

  • The 08 Chrome is a card I have been wanting for awhile, and nobody seem to be ebaying any for last few months. It is a one per box insert in the 08 update hobby boxes and there are fifty different cards so I imagine the odds of actually pulling this if I were to try and bust it out of a box, would be crazy. Back when these seem to be readily available, I was constantly bidding on this beauty only to always be out bid. So to finally score this was very exciting :)
  • Then I decided to get a 2010 Finest Blue which was another must have. After getting the Upton and constantly admiring its awesomeness I decided I should get the Longoria one.
  • And since I was adding to my Longo collection I decided to find another card I wanted. I choose the 09 Goudey SP, which is a very fun card with the drawing of a generic body with Longo's head blooped on, and sprinkled with random facts all around. The bottom three cards were add-ons from the same seller who didn't charge extra for shipping.
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