Friday, May 21, 2010

Longoria Cardboarding

Back to the bay for some more Longoria additions (Sorry Troll, I can't help myself)

The first four were from rhetrick59, another ebayer that has a standard $2 shipping for as many cards as you want to buy from him. I was really against the Goudey 4-in one cards as it is the same photo of each base card, so really what's the point, but I found a blue version with Upton and CC along with Longoria and since I have been goo goo over blue, I decided to get one to cover all versions of that type of card. So with that 4-in one card, I do believe I completed all I want from Goudey 09. Then I added the O-Pee-Chee Preview card, A&G highlight and Bowman Chrome since I need them as well and shipping wasn't a factor. The Highlight is my favorite of the lot. Se Magnifique!

The bottom four and next photo were a lot of 14 Longoria cards without much of a description. There were three cards in the photo I was still missing (Unique Uni, Ticket to Stardom, and Pure Heat), so I figured for 2.50 and shipping I would take the chance and hope for some extra new cards. Well I scored three other new cards the 09 X die cut, the 2010 UD, and the 2009 Topps base. Yes, I was still missing the base of 09 Topps, but not anymore. Hi there, little gold trophy :) The rest are dups but just wanted to show most of the lot off.

and I also picked up a Chicle Rays Team Set from rhetrick59
So overall eleven new Longoria card and another Rays team set,
Go Rays!
Even with shipping I was just under 15 bucks, so I found a slightly off named commemorative patch auction that wasn't getting a lot of views and bidded on it and with shipping got it for under five dollars.

I have seen some go as high as eight dollars and as low as three and then add shipping to those, and I think I got an okay deal. Just FYI, Topps has started commemorative patches in Bowman 2010.

Thanks for checking out my player collection additions for This Week in Cardboarding. Hope to find some Bowman or at least Topps series two somewhere for next week. Wish me luck!


Colt Seavers said...

Maybe I hadn't noticed before, but it that a new header? Either way, looks great!

chris OK said...

Yes, yes it is, thanks for the compliment. I finally made some time to do one. I have some ideas for a few more but haven't had the time to get fancy.