Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rays Cardz

Some Rays additions courtesy of JD's Wild Cardz

If you don't know yet, he is trying to collect a page and only a page of certain types of cards. This lead him to inquiry about 09 Chrome Xfractors since they are a retail exclusive thing and I pretty much only buy retail. He wondered if I had any that I could send his way, which I did and I did. The coolest part of the trade was when he called me the "Blaster Master", which is an awesome name and I wish I thought of it. What a great name for a blog :) Much better than my current one.

First up, a complete Rays SP Authentic Team Set - the Longoria was new to me, and maybe Shields, Sweeet!

Five T206 Rays Cards (Longoria is the one not shown), Price and Sonnestine were new to me

Lastly a complete Rays Team Set of Topps Unique with a bonus Red version of Shields, all but Upton and Longo were new, most excellent!

i messed with the levels to show off the names on the side
only draw back is enhances the dust particles also

Very nice cards and I appreciated the additions to my collection

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