Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back in the Day

Like I mention previously I deemed the A's my favorite team back when I was a kid, mainly because Florida had yet to get a team. It was really cool checking the paper everyday with a purpose, instead of just reading all the box scores with the attitude of I wonder who did well today. It seemed like everyday McGwire had another homer and to see how the A's did, really made being a baseball fan a lot more fun. The A's had a nice mix of veterans and up and coming young players. So in the off-season between 87 and 88 I decided that I was going to get a rookie card of all the players of my favorite team. I do believe this activity took over a year and ran into 1989.

Lets start in the infield

First Base
I had the standard 87 Topps card but wanted showed off something a little different.

Second Base
Hubbard wasn't a favorite of mine I preferred Mike Gallego and Tony Phillips, but I enjoyed getting the older cards since I had so few.

Third Base
Carney was a favorite of mine, he had his distinct stance and was a great hitter.
Did you know Lansford was the highest paid Athletic in 1988 at 1.3million dollars?

Walt made three million dollars his last season playing in 2000 and made just over 19 million dollars in his career. That is freaking amazing considering he only hit 25 homers his whole career and batted .260.
*facts courtesy of Baseball-Reference.com

Super Utility Man

Moving to the outfield

I know Rickey didn't come over till 89 but I don't have a memory of anyone else at this position.
"If my uniform doesn't get dirty, I haven't done anything in the baseball game." - Rickey Henderson

Hendu had a great 88 .304 24 HRs and 94 RBIs, random fact Hendu was a 1st round pick in 1977.



The things you learn doing something like this, is amazing, at age 34 Terry hit 35 homers and had his only 100 RBI season. Before that 1987 was his best year with 16 homers .284 and 56 RBIs at the age of 25. I wonder if he experiment with anything that year? His highest salary was 4.2 million in 95 and 96 and he made 25 mill over his career.
*more facts courtesy of Baseball-Reference.com

On to the Pitchers

My favorite card I acquired was Eck's rookie card, it introduced me to the 1976 card design. One that I like very much, even to this day and it is just a great card over all. With him going into the wind up, even though I'm sure it is a pose, it is unique enough that I don't care. The card is a little off center, but I got it for like two dollars and it wasn't like the internet was available back then to shop around.

Then the rotation

The thing I remember most about Stewart was how intimidating he was. He had the I'm going to kill you face. Stewart started a streak of four 20 win seasons in 87 but did you know he had 14 complete games in 88. Dave had a career high 22 wins in 1990 but was out done by Welch who had 27 wins and earned the Cy Young Award that year.

Unfortunately, I never got a 1980 Rickey Henderson, so that is a 2010 CMT, and the players that cards are MIA are Mike Gallego, Luis Polonia, Storm Davis, and Rick Honeycutt, I know I have them, just not sure where they are.

* All facts and quotes not specified are courtesy of Baseball Almanac, they have a page dedicated to the 88 A's - very cool

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