Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chicle Cardboarding

I finally found some Chicle at a Target that was near a store my wife wanted to go to, made it all worth it for me. This week I was jones to rip some new product, with Bowman and Chicle still eluding me, I actually went to two card stores this week and neither had Chicle or Bowman. One I knew didn't carry any new product, so not so shocking, but one had 85 Fleer (wax and cello) and the other had 85 Donruss. Maybe another week, I was on a mission. So one blaster of Chicle found and ripped:

Pack 1

WOW! I really like these
the Sandberg is awesome

Pack 2

two old timers and a rookie

Pack 3

Roy a Chicle back
Really like the Hanley, well done Mike Kupka

Pack 4

V Mart is by Dave Hobrecht, I really like how he shades
very unique
but I must say the Werth above is done much better

Pack 5

Great collation with Sisler starting it off
and Ichiro ending it
that can't be a coincidence

Pack 6

BJ Upton - Go RAYS!
Dice K
Venable is Bazooka back

Pack 7

That Seaver needs a little more TLC
something scares about that card
I really like the Pedroia
it is drawn by Chris Felix
he also drew the Rizzuto below

Pack 8

a batch of old timers
good fun

I really like these, not going to go crazy for them, but i may pick up another blaster or some more packs. Really shocked that there are not any sketch cards of these, I figured this was the perfect marketing tool to promote sketch cards and make them more popular. There is only one being posted on ebay and it is from the artist, apparently he got his own card back - Jackie Robinson.

I got two SP cards with Ryno and Stoner, and two variant backs with Hallady and Venable, and over all a very fun rip. Some nice additions to my player collections and I really like the cards overall. I have sorted them by artist. Fan of Chris Felix who I mentioned earlier and Jeff Zachowski (the Dye above as well as Zimmerman and Christy Mathewson) really like his style - Not a fan of Paul Lempa responsible for Seaver, Stoner, Crowe, Eddie Matthews.

Thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.


Colt Seavers said...

This makes me want to rip a couple more packs. I knew Sandberg was originally w/ the Phils - but so strange to see him on a card as one!

Gotta get me one of those Halladays too.

Thanks for posting these.

JD's Daddy said...

Hey Chris,

I am looking to collect a binder page of the "toxic cloud" cards. Any chance that I could lift those off of you?