Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clearance Cardboarding

No luck finding Topps (s2) or Bowman this week but i finally found some discounted blasters at Kmart. I have seen a few posts over the last few weeks, that other fellow bloggers have been finding them, so I was pretty happy when they final made it to upstate NY. My local Kmart had a bunch of 08 Timeline and one 09 Chrome, as well as two 07 SP Rookie blaster (not really sure if it was clearance since it was still $19.99). I went with the Timeline in hopes of the elusive Longoria SP.


A Relic Card and Votto in cameo
funny how the Taveras says Rockies but show Astros
which was wise since the square is definitely not of Rockies descent

Pack 2

Barton SP variation
this style seems more rare than the die cuts
last blaster i didn't get any, but scored four die cuts
and this blaster i also got more die cuts
Pack 3

Longoria, Yeah, dup, Boo
die cut Nyjer Morgan

Pack 4

Pack 5

Pack 6

Pack 7

Pack 8

Pack 9

Pack 10

With a Relic card, three die cut cards and two other short prints, making this blaster more successful than the last one i found. Unfortunately, even though I liked my rip, i still seem to have buyers remorse. I think its because, all i really wanted, was one of the two Longoria cards i am missing. I hope to find someone to give these to but since no one wanted anything from the last blaster of timeline, i won't hold my breath. Now the real decision, should i try and buy another blaster or just breakdown and buy the Longoria cards I need?

Since this was a discounted blaster, I picked up two Longos off the bay to get a little closer to the twenty dollar budget

both serial numbered
i really like the blue
Longoria looks steamed

Thanks for checking out TWIC and have a most AWESOME weekend!!!


BA Benny said...

Not too bad for a blaster. I would be interested in the Mets and Yankees if they are available since I, like most othes, didn't collect the set.

chris OK said...

They're all yours