Friday, June 4, 2010

Hobby Cardboarding

Yep, I found a nice little card shop and bought some hobby packs. Amazing, right? Nothing to special, just some Series Two Topps, but it was fun little experience. It was a small little shop, with lots of vintage all around, and stacks of cards all over place, it was exactly what i expect in a card shop. Only problem is, it is very out of the way and unfortunately I will only be able to get out there on the rare occasion. Without further ado, here is my cardboarding of the week:

Pack 1

Miggy is really on tear right now,
here is hoping for a Triple Crown in Detroit
The Ruth History of the World Series
talks about him pitching 14 innings
Sherry Smith also matched his 14 innings but took the lose
so sorry Sherry, no 2010 card for you
Ruth needs another card

Pack 2

BJ and Rickey, nice
talks about the straight steal of home
really not that "ultra rare" when i looked it up
Jackie Robinson stole home 17 times
and its been done 16 times since 2000 (ref)
great photo of Helton about to make contact

Pack 3

Gold card of Mazzaro
also got his base in pack one
favorite photo of the bunch,
Markakis and Jones chillin on the wall
nice moment captured

Pack 4

Ubaldo, amazing season so far
nuff said
Buster in Turkey, missing the Rookie logo?
just need to shred the card that shows what a half a billion dollars buys

Pack 5

Longoria and Upton Celeb"rays"tion
Classic card for me, since its the two main players i collect
also got Leake, very under the radar Rookie
skipped the minors and has hardly any hype
very curious
also got a Hermida in a Sox uni
another card i need to shred
they were suppose to win, its not that special
seriously topps is owned by the yankees
i don't remember this many Phillies cards last year

Pack 6

2020 Kershaw, really like these
fav photo is Martin, it just has a classic feel to it

Pack 7

Gold Laffey
Vintage Legend Cobb, fun card
comparing Cobb 40 years after a particular season

Pack 8

i actually flew into st louis this year
and got to see the arch from the plane
very cool how cards spark memories

Pack 9

a Ray, nice photo of Navarro
another 2020, did i mention i really like these
i'm just sayin
and another Vintage Legend, fun cards

Pack 10

Gold Hoffman
is he actually hurting his legacy
sticking around to just get 600 saves?

Three Gold, two 2020, two turkey, two vintage legends, two million card giveaways and two player collection additions. Overall very fun little rip, although I didn't show both off, I got two Topps Million Card Giveaway cards and won't be redeeming them in hopes of trading for some blank Sketch cards. So as usual, let me know if your interested in anything. Thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

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